The Leica TL2 and Visoflex issue could be fixed with a firmware update

A quick update on the Leica TL2 and Visoflex issue: according to one of Leica's testers the problem can be fixed with a firmware update that will probably be released as early as next week:

"In the firmware there was a timing issue, seems fixed, now all is good. In these complex systems it is impossible to test all variations, crisis, if there was one, is over! My updated TL 2 works now flawless." (via Dpreview)

Like the new Leica TL2 Facebook page for a more detailed TL2 coverage.

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  • Oh no! The doomsayer trolls won’t have anything to talk about excepting how Leica zoom lenses need software corrections.

  • Jim Evidon

    That fix was quick. Good for Leica.

    • FountainHead

      Better: fix such a huge flaw before release.

  • Les

    Good. Maybe now we can get back to the business of finding out how good (or not-so-good) the camera actually is.

    I am especially intrigued by the video performance. Leica is very shy about that in their specs sheet.

    What quality does it record at internally?
    What quality can you get with an external recorder?
    Does it really only record at 30fps in 4K? Surely 24fps is no harder to implement…

    Can you use their “L Log” profile?
    Any plans to offer advanced video features in a firmware update? Seems to be an industry trend: “here’s our new camera, the video features you want will be implemented in 6 months.” Canon and Panasonic have just done that, and Sony always does it, but doesn’t tell you in advance.
    What’s this 7/29 minute recording time? Are the 7 minutes 4K, or 120fps HD, or what?

    It’s a fascinating camera, and one that reminds me of pre-M Leicas because of its size and simplicity. It’s unfortunate that this “firmware intermezzo” has pushed the focus away from the camera itself.

  • SFF53

    I’m very interested in the tl2 because I like the simplified design and operation (touchscreen, simplified menus, etc.). but it’s hard to justify the price, especially when you factor in lenses.

    • ZMWT

      TL2 is cheaper than top tier Oly OMD MK 2. As for the lenses, they are as top tier m4/3 lenses in price. But I admit, 1.4/35 TL Lux is even more expensive, though.

      • RJ

        I went down this road of thoughts myself. Having bent my back in half hiking with a big Nikon and several pro lenses over the alps, I want a lighter mirror-less system. I looked at Fuji but as they have gained popularity they have gained in price to the point they are nearly double the cost of earlier versions. I am going to take the plunge on a TL2 and trade my Nikon glass in for the 35 1.4 and the wide angle zoom TL lenses. Anything above standard angle will be M lenses plus an adapter. Nikons pro lenses are now in the same price bracket as the M’s.

        • Les

          Ironically, that’s exactly how the first Leica came to be: Oskar Barnack wanted a light camera to take hiking in the Alps!

          Some things never change.

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