Leica M10 camera now in stock

Focus Camera currently has the black Leica M10 in stock. Limited numbers of M10 cameras are available and they will sell out fast.

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  • eric

    Glad to see. Worth every penny. I wonder how many M’s they will have sold this year. It’s got to be a ton.

  • I had to laugh, a few months back I was shooting an event and this chap was walking along with his Leica held at head height through the crowded street, POSING, yes you can tell, NO ONE took any notice of the moron.

    Leicas used to be a status symbol 30 years ago, now they are over priced, over rated and beaten on quality of output by many others. I could buy one tomorrow as a working pro, I have better things to spend money on, like a decent holiday

    • Les

      What makes me laugh is the posers who own every lens Canikon has ever made and wave their giant zooms around in everybody’s face like they are compensating for something.

      They always end-up walking in front of your shot, and you have to waste minutes explaining to them that they can get their own pictures after you are done, or that they can go somewhere else and take their own shots instead of aping yours.

      Most get the hint and stop bothering you. All they wanted was attention from “the pro” (and to check-out their equipment, I guess). Occasionally one will cling like a stray dog. Then it’s not funny any more, and you need to deal with them forcefully before they steal more of the customers’ time and money.

      That’s a thousand times worse than seeing some guy with a rangefinder trying to blend-in.

      • Laud Farter

        At the US Open last week, I saw spectators walking around with Canikons with giant 2.8 zooms. With the crappy angles and limited access, why even shoot from the stands and miss the actual tennis action? Those are true poseurs. The pro shooters came in at the last couple of games to catch the money shot mostly. BTW, I did not spot ONE Leica M.

    • eric

      Actually, leica’s are still a status symbol within street and fashion photographic circles and I don’t think they are really overpriced at all. Leica is not a huge company and needs to charge more per device to turn a profit. This sounds a lot more like jealousy and envy, otherwise, why comment on rumor site dedicated to Leica? Makes no sense. Ive run into people shooting Nikon before with a huge lens on the street and they can act just as moronic, has nothing to do the brand.

    • Laud Farter

      The same complaints you make have been around for eons–Leicas were expensive back in the 1980’s, always more expensive than any Nikon or Canon, Leicas are technologically outdated, Leicas are overrated posers’ jewelry, blah, blah, and more blah. Yet the cameras sell well enough, the used market is strong. It’s still the best tool for the job in certain cases, regardless of the latest tech wonders from every other maker, including Leica’s other offerings. Maybe it’s not the best tool for you, but quite a number of pros and advanced photographers still rely on it.

    • Laud Farter

      The same thing you say about rangefinders can be said about the DSLR or MILC, as the iPhone is delivering front cover page photos. Why spend $6K on a Canikon when $0 is good enough?

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