A better picture of the new Leica APO-Summicron 50mm LHSA 50th anniversary lens

Here is a better picture of the new Leica APO-Summicron 50mm LHSA 50th anniversary lens that was published on the front cover the latest Viewfinder magazine:

Update - one more picture of the lens found Instagram:

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  • eric

    im just gonna say it…i think it looks ugly. great lens, but not in that style.

    • Vincent Shinn


  • Matthew Pulzer

    The silver one is ugly, the black one looks cheap and ugly.

    • MB

      Who cares, it’s expensive and it looks retro and that is all that’s needed… not the black one though…

  • Nathan Wright

    I love the DR design, but not in black. I’d like to see a production silver version.

  • Noodle

    I wish they continued what they started with the 28 Summaron, and use more original optical designs. That might actually be interesting to real users, but they’d rather make a silly limited edition .. 🙁

    • Mistral75

      You should very much like the Thambar-M 90mm f2.2.

      • Noodle

        I do hope that happens and is successful, then more should follow soon .. Too large for me though. ^^.

      • Funny that he said 28 Summaron…. because similar lens is also rumored but not anytime soon…

        • Noodle

          ??? The 28 Summaron was revived last year wasn’t it.

          • yes, it was but they will revive more old lenses

          • Noodle

            Well that’s very good news then, except for the ‘not any time soon’ part, but that was to be expected.

            Does similar mean compact and wide-angle?

    • Leica is rumored to bring some more of their old lens designs. Just a rumor for now 🙂

      • Noodle

        Goody! This is the time, even some films are coming back, would be crazy for them not to jump on the opportunity – as people are starting to see the value of character over numbers. =)

      • Mistral75

        …and don’t forget that Miyazaki-san has issued the MS-Optics History-Protar 40mm f/6.3 MC Macro, the first lens of his History-Series, and plans to launch other such lenses:

        – Dagor 40mm f/6.3
        – Ernostar 50mm f/1.8
        – Petzval 58mm f/2
        – and Planar 50mm f/3.7.

  • 9 oz. 5 in.

    Seems many folks are skeptical but I like the current optical design in vintage style like as a singer Porsche. So I like them 🙂

  • Aditya Gupta

    No red color…I’ll pass…jk…i can’t even afford a leica lens hood 🙁

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