New Voigtlander NOKTON 40mm f/1.2 Aspherical lens for Leica M-mount to be announced soon

Tomorrow Voigtlander is rumored to announce a new NOKTON 40mm f/1.2 Aspherical lens for Leica M-mount (pictured above). The same lens already exists for Sony E-mount and is currently priced at $1,059.

Via Nokishita

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  • Jeff Bridges

    Interesting focal length
    No current RF has the frame lines for 40mm
    But would be interesting to use this lens on the Minolta CLE.

    • yes, this is what I was thinking…

    • Licheus

      Maybe they’ll release the ultimate Bessa that has everything. I know it’s just wishful thinking…

    • ZMWT

      You have an EVF, right?

    • CCD FTW

      R3A / R3M.

  • Noodle

    Ah yes, that was to be expected.

    Looks like a fun lens in the E-mount version samples:

    M-mount version actually looks reasonably compact.
    Noticeably smaller than the 50 F1.1 at least.

  • Licheus

    Glad we’re not forgotten! Bet it’ll be pretty hard to focus on a CLE…

    • CCD FTW


      • Licheus

        The CLE’s rangefinder has an effective base length of 28.9mm. Sufficient for the bundled 40/2 lens, but would likely struggle to achieve critical focus with a f/1.2 one.

  • Bo Dez

    Nice. What I’d really like to see most is the Voigtlander 60mm APO in M Mount.

    • tjholowaychuk


  • ZMWT

    Brilliant move, and even judging by results from inferior output of Sony’s cameras, it looks it will be a killer lens on M9, M10 and their sensors.

  • Mistral75

    Announced. There is also an optional viewfinder with the 40mm frame.

    • nice, but the viewfinder will not be much useful at f/1.2 🙂

      • Mistral75

        The viewfinder will be useful at any aperture: it’s used to frame, not to focus 🙂

        • Noodle

          I always wondered why they don’t call it a focusfinder. 😉

          • Mistral75

            In English, it’s a finder; in German, a searcher (“Sucher”); in French, an aimer (“viseur”) 😉

          • Noodle

            That’s funny. I’d say viseur is more like see-er. In France, no need to search or find anything, they just see!

          • Mistral75

            Not exactly. Viseur comes from viser (to aim at), not from voir (to see). Believe me, I’m French!

            By the way, the noun voyeur, which comes from the verb voir, means Peeping Tom 😉

          • Noodle

            Ah, i assumed Vision, but this makes sense too. 😀

        • To me the external viewfinder makes sense for wide angle lenses because you can zone-focus, for 40mm f/1.2 you have to use both viewfinders, one to focus and one to compose – pain in the neck.

    • Licheus

      Nice. CV’s old plastic one is long overdue for an update.

  • 9 oz. 5 in.

    Nice! I considered Sony due to this lens and they now release for M mk mount! BTW it’s already 5pm Oct 19th but no update from cosina website yet!


    I don’t get it, what’s the main difference to the 35mm f1.2?

  • Peter Saputra Sulistyo

    i thought m mount is over for voigtlander

    • SimoneDF

      I also have a Sony A7RII and I always go for Voigtlander M mount instead of FE mount because I can use the lens on my Leica + I can autofocus with the Techart on the Sony if I want to. I know I’m not the only one that does this 😉

    • Unless they come out with a digital rangefinder 🙂

  • Enche Tjin

    Unique focal length and aperture. I think it will be well received. It can gain AF with techart + Sony mirrorless as well.

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