Big Leica announcement coming on November 22nd (new Leica CL mirrorless camera with EVF and L-mount?)

Leica Camera is already sending invitations for another big "Das Wesentliche" event that will take place on November 22nd. I expect this event to be for the rumored Leica mirrorless camera with EVF and L-mount (code name Clooney, possible model name: Leica CL).

Some of the other rumored Leica products on this list could also be announced on this event.


This is the new Leica Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 ASPH lens

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  • well, it looks like the 23mm for the T to me…

  • Panacea

    Are we thinking this is going to be APS-C or full frame?

    • I am thinking APS-C but I could be wrong – it could be like the Leica Q but with L-mount.

      • Panacea

        One thing for sure about Leica, they’ll either completely surprise us or completely underwhelm us. Nothing in-between.

        • I agree but this seems to be a big event, expect something major.

        • kahiri78

          100 agreed!

        • El Aura

          Are you sure it isn’t the audience that tends to either love or hate something?

      • eric

        i would hope its smaller than the Q unless it’s going to take m-lenses too. seems to me an interchangeable Q that could take m-lenses would be more popular than an L-mount. though i would prefer it had an ovf option as well.

        • YourFace

          OVF with EVF would be too much in my opinion.

          • eric

            ok, then just ovf is fine.

          • TomV

            ok, then just EVF is fine.

      • Massimo Scognamiglio

        I guess… Super fast aps-c camera 24mega pixel and manual/classic feeling, and super small form factor. The perfect street beast

    • the lens drawing on the invitation doesn’t look like full frame

      • DisQusteve

        That’s maybe is just a pretty nice drawing….of a lens? Just save all your Money for a surprise…. if you’re planning a purchase….based on “A New Leica” I am hoping that its in line with the TL style…. all glass back…. touch screen!

      • ZMWT

        On that drawing, it is an autofocus lens, and judging by the size of elements in drawing, and other details, it is a crop lens, a that, a new one because it is different from 23/2. I hope all of this hype, is not about some smaller version of the Q, say, some “CL camera” with a crop sensor, and 19/2 (28mm) fixed lens on it. If it is, then it is just waste of time — issue a 19mm lens for the TL, and call it a day.

    • Jean-Louis Coffre

      If this new CL will be FF and interchangeable lenses … it will kill the M. So don’t dream, it will be APS-C…

      • kahiri78

        Agreed. It will even eat sales of the original Q too.

      • It will kill the SL, but I agree – the CL will most likely be APS-C.

  • TomV

    I would consider myself a pretty die hard fan of FF or larger sensors and am heavily invested in R and M lenses. The obvious choice for me would have been a FF camera, but now I’m starting to re-think that. Kipon has announce, but not yet released the 0.65x Baveyes:
    …basically a speed booster, but one of the other advantages is it makes the angles of the edges / corners that the sensor “sees” at less oblique angles and theoretically solves the issue of wide angle M glass on digital sensors, which behave differently than film. My wish is for an APS-C sensor with a Leica designed L to M adapter incorporating such optical adapter, that minimizes optical compromises that the Kipon likely has (not tested, but based upon assumptions from their 0.7x products).

    • Ever considered the (ugly) SL? High res EVF, compatible with M and R adapters, and now costs less than an M.

      • TomV

        This is a question I have been asking myself this year. I’m 60/40 split between the Fuji GFX (some of my existing glass will work just fine for panorama and cropped work) and the SL. I think if the SL was compact like an M, no question. Maybe the new CL will be a contender too, especially if FF.

        • 9 oz. 5 in.

          TomV, is that lm-fx adopter released? The link was posted in 2016 but I can’t find in online market. I am interested in it though as you are

          • TomV

            No it’s not, there is a pre-order available on Adorama, but no units have been seen in the wild.

        • El Aura

          Subtract the EVF hump and the grip and the SL isn’t that much bigger than the M (mainly it is still taller).

        • The GFX is a bit of a wildcard here. Great if you’re shooting giant posters but otherwise an overkill, especially if you plan to use M or R lenses which are designed to cover a smaller imaging circle than the excellent Fujinon lenses. Given the invitation card features a sketch of a new 18mm elmarit for APS-C camera, it’s logical to guess the new camera will also be an APS-C model. Maybe you can also consider the Sony A7 series, but I find the user interface cumbersome and the shutter release too loose but that’s just my 2 pennies’ worth.

      • Nathan Wright

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I consider the SL one of the most beautiful all-digital cameras ever designed.

  • DisQusteve

    Awesome… I was going to upgrade to the TL2 from a T which I bought 2nd hand for 1/2 price for BODY, and LENS 18-56mm and an extra battery and leather case… SO, wanting to trade in…these both for either TL2 Body or the “NEW Clooney, or Leica CL since my 11-23mm T lens will fit this and then 1 more lens to round out my CREW…. the 55-155 or a 80mm prime…..but I love zooms because you have many lengths to choose from.

  • Hope “Oskar’s legacy” isn’t a flop… Can still remember vividly the disappointment when Leica released their promised “mini M”


    I hope we see a FF system here, Personally I want a FF M mount body with EVF. Sony is going leaps and bounds with their A7 bodies, I think the most pro mirror less camera body yet for years now, they are always upping their game, mostly its technology, and good and helpful tech at that. I am glad leica is moving forward here and their TL2 was a major upgrade and up to date with what is being offered and what people asre used to. I still love my T and it works great, next major buy will be like I said a leica Q like body with interchangeable lens

    • kahiri78

      Like the idea of Q with interchangeable lens. But logically it wont happen because it can jeopardize M10 and even the original Q sales.

      Leica, unlike Sony and others doesn’t want to compete among its own product. Plus, I also believe Leica wanna stick with the concept of great user experience rather than compete with others in terms of features.

      Sony may have great features in their latest offerings, but user experience, the ‘feel’ of using their cameras certainly nothing special.

      • SimoneDF

        And won’t this rumored CL cannibalize the TL line?

        • kahiri78

          If this CL is true, surely they will skip or add features that will distinguish between the two models. Just my thought 🙂

  • Bo Dez

    The drawing looks like an X or some other compact.

    A CL would be awesome. But a true CL should be full frame.

  • Tim Rule

    Oskar B. came up with the 35mm format (24×36) … hard to imagine his ongoing legacy is going to be an APS-C camera. Yes, that 18mm pancake would be good on the TL, but a CL as APS-C format camera, is no suitable legacy.

    A CL (Compact L-mount) camera, FF, to complement the SL, with a price not too far away from the SL, would seem more worthy.

    I don’t see any point to another APS-C camera for Leica, the TL is sufficient as a bottom feeder.

    • Tim Rule

      It could also be possible that this CL is the same camera platform which is rumoured to be supplied to Zenit (?).

      I will bet a beer on the CL being a Modern Leica FF Camera, C for Compact, design along the lines of the TL and SL – i.e. SLR style EVF with Touch Screen, perhaps a dial.

      €5000+, Black and Silver, titanium 18 months after the initial release, safari edition … another 18 months after that 😉

      • I think it is too early to see any products from the Zenit colaboration.

  • ZMWT

    Oh no, this might be a Monochrome TL2 …

  • Marco Antonio Garcia

    Looking forward to this camera, sounds promising, let’s hope that they don’t disappoint.

  • Mistral75
  • David

    Leica announce first of all Camera with Curved sensor with L-mount CL. That could by very innovative step for them to make camera more compact.

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