Autumn analog sale at Leica Store Miami (10% off)

For a limited time Leica Store Miami is offering 10% off on selected used items:

To receive the discount, add any item from the Autumn Analog Sale to the cart, proceed to checkout and enter the code FALLSALE17 in the "Discount" box on the top right of your screen. Then click "Apply".

Check out also the available destination workshops at Leica Store Miami.

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  • John-F

    Autumn analog sale … I wonder if they have any vinyl?

    But seriously, any fans of vinyl out there in Leica land? Linn, Roksan, Rega, Oracle, Thorens, SME, VPI … ?

    • I have Linn speakers 🙂

      • John-F

        And Linn amplifier … 😉

        Interestingly, one of the first Hifi component that Ivor Tiefenbrun (founder of Linn Products) created (after the famous Linn Sondek LP12 turntable) was a loudspeaker: the Linn Sara (named after his daughter Sara, apparently).

        At the time (more than 35 years ago), Linn did not make amplifiers. They recommended Naim Audio electronics (another great Brit Fi company).

        • My old amps were NAD. I recently switched to Marantz because of the cinema setup. Still kept my Linn speakers 🙂 I know, a weird combo…

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