Coming soon: Leica M Typ 262 red anodized aluminum limited edition camera

A new Leica M Typ 262 limited edition camera is going to be announced soon. The top and bottom plate are made of solid anodized aluminum. Only 100 pieces will be produced. Additional information will be provided in the next few days:

All you need now is the red aluminum Leica M-mount body cap 🙂

Red painted aluminum Leica M-mount body caps for sale

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  • There must be something going on with red as fashionable, as there will also be a Leica Store San Francisco limited edition Q in a red leather trim:

  • Robert Falconer

    Because the only thing that says “steal me” more than a red dot…is an entirely red camera. Fortunately, few of these will likely ever be seen in the wild. (If that’s fortunate.)

    • Brennan McKissick

      There’s (unfortunately) lots of red Nikon D3200 cameras out there too lol.

      • Robert Falconer

        Yeah, nobody wants to steal one of those, though. 😉

  • ZMWT


  • Rudi RĂŒssel

    That looks pretty ugly.

  • How about a silver-anodised version? Should be able to achieve an Apple-ish look

  • Eric

    As a Leica M shooter, I can see the glamour of all these limited edition cameras and lenses, but as a photographer I would much value if Leica would take seriously their firmware upgrades. Sure, a lot of these upgrades fix discovered issues, but when it comes to added functionalities for the M line, the record is simply disappointing. No doubt a lot of resources (time, money, people, etc.) are dedicated to the money-making special editions, but for the average Leica photographer out there, these are simply inconsequential. Pretty, yes; unique, yes; but inconsequential to the photographic community nonetheless.

    • Les

      I would be very surprised if the same Leica employees anodize aluminium and write firmware! Logically, these low-volume/high-profit special editions allow Leica to dedicate more resources to R&D, not less.

      • Eric

        Most likely they are not the same employees, but I was referring to “cost,” which include choices by a small company as to where to allocate limited resources. The more allocated to one initiative, the less allocated to another. These resources include manpower, time, investment, marketing, etc. Smallish companies like Leica with such a diverse product line out in the market, have to make some tough “allocation” decisions, and it seems apparent to what they are allocating their main resources, which is not to firmware updates.

        • Les


          It’s not a zero-sum game. profits from special editions do not take away from resources elsewhere.

          That being said, if you are looking for “added functionalities for the M line,” then you will surely be disappointed. Leica has been going the other way with the M line, peeling away unnecessary complications.

    • Ed

      Inconsequential isn’t fair. More like, ‘of boutique interest’. It remains a fun tool for inconspicuous photography. And it did inspire Fuji’s new form factor.
      Not everyone looks forward to 4kg of camera body and 24-70 zoom.

  • Eric Boe

    Makes me regret passing on the red 50 APO. Well, maybe it would if it came in green leather. The ultimate holiday edition!

    • Is the red 50mm Apo all sold out? I know it was a limited edition.

      • Tim Rule

        I could not find any listed for sale, it was 100 pc edition too. And with quite a price premium …

        • Yes, this is what I was thinking.

          • Ed

            I think it went for over $8300 at the time. Quickly vanished. Maybe they’ll churn out a red 75 Noctilux. New way to part a wealthy knave of his/her $15,000.

          • Tim Rule

            Perhaps they will issue a few more red APO’s, perhaps the 35mm … because … there is not much point to the Red camera without the matching Red lens!

    • FreeWorld

      When that came out I thought it looked terrible. Now I’ve seen some on bodies the red one is to die for. I would love an opportunity to buy it.

  • eric

    Love it. Wish it was an m10 version though. I would definitely shoot with it on the street. Saving digital cameras as an investment strategy seems pretty ridiculous. Analog i can see, but old digital cameras are going to be worth zero in the future.

  • RndmC@mJunk


  • RndmC@mJunk

    Red for the blood that’s been spilled for the rare earths used in the cam’s electronics?!

  • 3foot1

    For a special edition I like the idea of red, but a deep powder-coat nail-polish shade would look a lot richer.

  • nemo295

    Leica must have a ton of unsold M Typ 262 guts lying around. Almost a year after releasing the M10, Leica is still releasing their expensive special edition camera sets based on the inferior 2-year old M.

  • Jukeboxjohnnie

    Love it. Wish they would offer these colours and finishes same price as black would broaden their appeal

  • sunnywinds

    Well, I think if that Leica Logo could be BLACK …..

  • Daryl

    Goes well with a red Porsche or Ferrari, I don’t have either but it would be fun, if only.

  • Ric Ricard

    I tend to dislike every special edition Leica…but this one is really nice. I’d want the red body, but not the red lens. It’s a shame the camera is so hindered by the 1Gig buffer. Even more of a shame considering this version of the M240 was released AFTER they figured out how to put a 2Gig buffer in the body. Why keep producing a lesser version of the camera?

  • FreeWorld

    Argh I want it! Stunning. I thought the red lens was terrible when I first saw it, but I saw one in the flesh and it was to die for.

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