PhotonsToPhotos updated their Leica M10 dynamic range vs. ISO graph comparisons

A quick update on my DxOMark post from yesterday - PhotonsToPhotos updated their Leica M10 test results in the dynamic range vs. ISO setting graph comparison (click for larger view):

Leica M10 vs. Leica M 240 vs. Leica M9:

Leica M10 vs. Leica Q vs. Leica SL:

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  • nemo295

    PTP’s results disagree with DXO’s, which placed the SL slightly ahead of the M10.

    • Heinz Richter

      That’s what happens when “test” results are based on individual impressions instead of facts.

      • You have clearly never been to the PhotonsToPhotos site and read any of the material there. There are no “impressions”. The first section comprises measurements actually performed by PhotonsToPhotos, and the second comprises a re-analysis of DxOMark data. The re-analysis is presented both as a “sanity check” and because DxOMark has tested about 356 cameras whereas PhotonsToPhotos has tested only about 230.

    • El Aura

      Ahead, in regard to what measure and at what ISO? And is that after or before correcting for measured ISO?

      • nemo295

        DXO’s results showed the SL performing slightly better in dynamic range over the M10. The exact opposite of what PTP’s results show. I’m not saying one is right and the other wrong. It’s probably due to normal variances from one unit to another of the same model.

        • El Aura

          They use different definitions of dynamic range and different ‘definitions’ of ISO. If you back out the measured ISO correction DxO applies, the M10 performs much better compared to the SL.

  • Hito

    These results are supposed to come from DxO’s data? I don’t get how DxO ranks the M240 ahead of the M10 in dynamic range when it is scoring higher at every single ISO (according to this).

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