New: Rock n Roll Hendrix camera straps

A new line of Rock n Roll Hendrix camera straps were just announced:

The idea of the Hendrix straps came out of the need of many of our clients who wanted “One more Rock n Roll strap with the same feel”. A strap with the same ability the Rock n Roll strap has, to absorb part of the weight of the camera-lens combination and at the same time have its unique stylish look.

The Hendrix straps consist of 52 to 64 leather elements, cut, threaded and stitched by hand. The whole procedure to make one single Hendrix strap takes more than two hours. Very comfortable to use, supple enough to wrap around your wrist, beautiful on your camera and very stylish.

Hendrix straps, distribute the weight of a camera lens combination for maximum comfort. Soft leather loops conform to neck and shoulder, with 2 middle X looking leather parts that stabilize the strap on your shoulder.The width of the strap is 24mm.

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  • Paul

    Posting advertising as news is a major turn off. I’m sure there are people out there who like this stuff but this site is on its last legs for me. Just look at the bar on the right!

    • I have been reporting on new Leica accessories for almost 10 years now. This post is no different than what I have been doing for the past 10 years.

      • Mr B

        Peter, it’s great that you cover these accessories – I found out about these straps from this site. They are very, very good and I use them on both my Nikon and Leica cameras. A good strap is worth a hell of a lot when lugging equipment all day!

        • I agree even though I don’t own that particular strap.

  • Being made of 52 or 64 individual pieces is a bug, not a feature, as it compromises strength, and is usually a corner cut on cheap leather goods. A single piece of contiguous leather is more expensive than smaller scraps sewn together, but the single-piece construction is far more solid.

    In other words, this is a piece of junk that is trying to spin low quality into a benefit with hipster marketing.

    • Simon

      Agreed. You only need one of those links to fail and there goes your whole camera. It doesn’t look like a robust design to me at all.

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