Celebrate CES with Huawei & Leica


Leica Store Las Vegas | January 10, 1PM-4:30PM

Celebrate CES​ with Huawei Mobile​ and Leica on January 10th in an exciting photowalk with notable photographer Sam Horine. Explore the classic roots of Vegas as you travel downtown to one of the most scenic locations the city has to offer.

Be one of first to test out the Huawei Mate 10 or take a Leica camera and/or lens for a spin in our complimentary Leica-on-Loan Program. All products are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Please arrive at least half an hour early to secure the loan of your choice. All participants will be automatically entered to win a new Mate 10. One winner will be chosen by random at the end of the photowalk.

Location & Time:
Leica Store Las Vegas​ | January 10, 1PM - 4:30PM

Transportation, food and refreshments will be provided.

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  • 3foot1

    Terrible timing for Huawei, eh? With AT&T pulling the plug on the deal right before CES — and “The Administration” suggesting that China could be using Huawei for hacking — the announcement could not have come at a worse time. Ironically, in rural Connecticut about 6 months ago, I entered an AT&T wireless store and asked one of the salesmen if they sold or bundled Huawei phones. He’d never heard of them, even when I spelled it out. I simply said, “They may have the best camera of any phone in world,” and walked out, shaking my head.

    • Leica stores should sale them. Not sure why they haven’t yet.

      • Eric

        I’m sure Leica would much prefer to deal with an European phone manufacturer, if one were competitive enough in todays mobile market. Maybe this is the type of friendship that is best kept at a distance for now.

      • I doubt it would be worth it. Leica stores will never sell enough to make it worthwhile. The value of the deal to Huawei is the legitimacy of the Leica name, to Leica it is surely the licensing income.

        Leica aren’t likely paid per unit and store stock would add little in the way of brand currency. Why bother?

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