You can now buy this poster showing all Leica M lenses since 1954

A reader emailed me about this poster, showing all Leica M lenses since 1954, that is currently available for sale (you have to email for additional info). The size of the poster is 80 x 60cm (23,6" x 31,5") and the price is €13,05 (around $16) plus shipping.

All the copyrighted information used in this poster was approved by Leica Camera and also includes the latest Noctilux-M 75 and the Thambar-M 90 lenses (with the new 6-bit codes). A total of 112 Leica M lenses (+five L39 LTM mount lenses) are included in the poster.

This is the information published for each lens:

  • model/code
  • years and country of production
  • numbers produced
  • number of elements, groups, aperture blades
  • 6-bit codes
  • dimensions, weight
  • minimal focusing distance
  • minimal and maximal aperture
  • caps, hood, filter
  • the differences between versions

The value of the poster is not the collection of lens pictures, but the long and painful search for the information concerning the mechanical and optical properties of all Leica lenses. Shipping will start January 24th.

The poster includes also the upcoming Leica Summilux-M 90mm f/1.5 ASPH lens.

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  • John-F

    I noticed that on the right hand side of the poster, there are pictures of Ernst Leitz, Conrad Barnack (inventor of the Leitz Camera – Leica), Walter Mandler (optical designer of the current 50mm Summicron, the Noctilux f1, the first APO-Telyt-R 180. etc…), Max Berek (first chief optical designer-engineer at Leitz, who gave us the Elmar and many other great lenses) followed by the current chief designer Peter Karber.

    But what about Lothar Kölsch who is often credited for reinventing modern optics at Leica? Herr Kölsch was responsible for introducing the use of aspherical surfaces in all wide-angle M lenses in the early 1990’s, and even in telephoto lenses (APO-Summicron 90mm Asph, APO-Summicron-M 75mm, etc..). Leica owes much of its current reputation as a designer of superior quality optics to Lothar Kölsch …

    Maybe in version 2 of the poster … 😉

  • DW

    A nice idea, but the picture for first Summicron 50mm, the SOOIC, is incorrect, instead there is a picture of the first Elmar 50mm f/2.8, either ELMOM or ELMOO version. Maybe there are other errors?

    • giacomelli

      I had to re-arrange the layout of the poster for several times, this led certainly to a mis-match concerning the images of the Summicron 50 v1 and the Lux 35 pre-FLE – this is now corrected in the current version of the poster that will ship at the end of January (already shown on LeicaRumors). I got no other errors reported till now. Anyway, I would be glad if the community continues to report (I hope minor) errors to lead this project to a high level of accuracy.

  • Paul

    Poster shows picture of new 90/1.5. Interesting.

  • Simon

    This looks fantastic. I’d prefer to buy a digital version but I understand if the seller would prefer not to do that.

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