Opinion: Leica will not share their mirrorless L-mount with Panasonic and/or Olympus

There have been some unconfirmed reports online that Panasonic may announce a new full frame mirrorless camera with a Leica SL mount on September 25th. I simply cannot imagine a Leica SL camera with a Panasonic or Olympus lens attached to it and I just don't see how Leica will go in this direction unless they are really desperate with their SL/TL product line (which I don't think they are). Leica already has a decent number of mirrorless lenses and I don't see any benefit for them to share their mount with Pasnionic and/or Olympus. What do you think?

Here is also a poll - do you think Leica will share their mirrorless L-mount with Panasonic and/or Olympus?

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