Interview with Zenit rep at Photokina: more lenses and a new camera coming in 2019

Cinema 5D interviewed a Zenit representative at the 2018 Photokina show about the new Zenit M digital rangefinder camera:

Here is the recap:

  • The Zenit representative is saying that the new Zenit M camera has a "different structure of components" and Russian software (really?). Even the image quality is supposed to be different.
  • Limited edition confirmed: only 500 pieces will be available worldwide (50 in black and 450 in silver).
  • €5,500 price confirmed.
  • Zenit is working on a new camera - with a new design, new electronics and new lenses.
  • Two new Zenitar lenses are expected in early 2019.
  • The new camera is expected at the end of 2019.
  • Zenit will start making Nikon and Canon lenses as well.
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