Leica M10-D camera additional coverage

Leica M10-D camera additional coverage:

"The calling card of the camera is its lack of a rear LCD monitor. In its place, on the rear of the body, is an exposure compensation dial (a first for Leica M bodies) and surrounding this dial is an outer ring to turn the camera On/Off or set it to On with Wi-Fi. And just as disorienting as seeing a digital camera without a screen for the first time is seeing a digital camera with a film advance lever… well, it’s not really an advance lever, but rather an integrated fold-out thumb rest for greater stability and handling, especially when working with heavier lenses. Finally, giving the M10-D a bit more versatility than its predecessor, this new model also has built-in Wi-Fi, which works in concert with the newly introduced Leica FOTOS app. This app, available for iOS and Android, will allow you to pair the camera with a mobile device for transferring images, remotely controlling the camera and shooting with a live view image, and enabling you to adjust a selection of camera features, such as choosing between JPEG or DNG, setting the time and date, and formatting your memory card. Also new, the M10-D will be compatible with the Visoflex electronic viewfinder for TTL viewing, extra-precise focusing, and for working with super wide-angle lenses." (Explora)

"The M-10D keeps all the essential exposure setting in close reach. Dials for both shutter speed and ISO rest on top of the camera for quick adjustments and, for the first time in the M-series, the Leica M-10D includes an exposure compensation wheel on the back of the camera where the LCD-monitor would be. The wheel also carries the “On and Off” switch for power and WiFi connectivity for the app. Oh, and if you’re looking for the aperture settings, they’re on the lens." (ALC)

"The new Fotos app, which works with all of Leica’s cameras that have Wi-Fi, is cleanly designed and transfers images from the camera to your phone quickly. But getting the app connected to the camera takes some time; it’s not something you can easily do in between each shot you take. Leaving the Wi-Fi option on the camera enabled and your phone connected while you shoot will also quickly drain the battery in the camera. Leica says it expects users to use the app sporadically to review shots when they are done shooting and not throughout the day." (The Verge)

I imagine that, just as in our household and on the beta forum, this camera will really polarise opinion. Personally, (although I wouldn’t have it as my only M camera) I very much like shooting with it, I’m even considering buying one (not least to irritate my son!). Whatever the arguments about its functionality, the camera is a beautiful object, a pleasure to hold and a pleasure to shoot with. Some people may feel that, in including the EVF and Wifi with the connection to Fotos Leica has compromised the ‘purity’ of the original M-D. My feeling is that it’s good to have the options available, but I didn’t find myself using them in real shooting conditions (either the Wifi or the EVF). (Slack)

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