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New Leica M10 firmware update coming soon, beta testers wanted

Leica will soon release a new firmware update for the M10 camera with improved memory cards compatibility. While internal testing is already completed, Leica has contacted the Leica Forum for some additional testing by users in order to cover a wide range of SD memory cards. If you are interested to participate, see this forum post.

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All body protective films available for Leica cameras (M10, Q and M Typ 240)

      All body protective films are now available for different Leica cameras, including the M10, Q and M Typ 240. For more information, check this post on the Leica M10 Facebook page. This is how the M10 protective film cutout looks like:

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New RRS plates for Leica M10 announced

Really Right Stuff (RRS) announced a new set of plates for the Leica M10 camera. The price varies from $60 to $250 depending on the configuration (base plate, L-component, RRS grip). B&H also carries RRS products. Additional pictures:

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Leica price increase in the US: the full list with new pricing

Here is the full list of Leica products that will get a price increase on May 1st as I already reported yesterday (courtesy of Leica Store Miami):

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Leica price increase coming to the US on May 1st, M10 goes up by $300

Leica will raise most of their US prices on May 1st. I do not have the full list, but here is what to expect: Leica M10: up by $300 Leica M Typ 262: up by $200 Many of the Leica M10 accessories are going up in price as well, for example the M10 thumb support is going […]

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New Leica M10 accessories: body protective film and contrast lens

Walter Leica’s contrast lens accessory is now also available for the Leica M10 camera (more information available here). All body protective film for Leica M10 camera – it covers the entire camera and protects it from scratches:

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How it’s made: Leica M10 camera (video)

A new video was published by Surface Magazine on how the Leica M10 camera is made:

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