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Leica M6 camera project listed on Lego Ideas

A new Leica M6 camera is listed on Lego Ideas. There have been several Leica/Lego projects in the past, but none of them have gone to production so far – hopefully, this M6 will. Please register for Lego Ideas and support this project by clicking the “Support” button. I am not affiliated with any of […]

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Another “Leica Camera History” project on Lego Ideas

I have already covered plenty of Lego Leica camera projects in the past. At one point I even developed my own Lego Leica camera – see the picture here. There is another new Leica project on Lego Ideas called “Leica Camera History”. Hopefully, this time we will get the needed 10,000 votes in order for Lego […]

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Please support this Leica M camera model project on Lego Ideas

There have been several Lego-Leica projects in the past, but for some reason unknown to me, they all disappeared from the Internet – maybe it’s because of copyright/trademark issues? If you have any inside information on this story, please let me know because a while back I spent money and effort to create a new […]

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