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More Lego-made Leica M8/M9 cameras

Lego-made Leica cameras are nothing new. Chris McVeigh used 114 Lego pieces to recreate the Leica M9-P Hermes camera. You can get all the details on how to build it yourself from this PDF file. There is also a Leica M8 Lego version:

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Leica M9 replica made out of Lego pieces

Inspired by H.Y. Leung’s Lego Leica M8, Chris McVeigh created this Leica M9 replica completely out of Lego pieces. Back in 2010 someone actually built a functional Leica M8 based on the Lego Pink Digital Camera set (available on Amazon).

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White Leica M8 replica made out of Lego

H.Y. Leung created the white Leica M8 camera completely out of Lego pieces. Here is the original white M8 for comparison:

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Lego Leica M8

We have seen many “different” Leica cameras in the past – there was the wooden Leica, the iPhone Leica, the Leica pinhole camera, the “Like a Leica” and now there is also the Lego Leica. The camera is functional because it is based on the Lego Pink Digital Camera set, it can take 3 MP pictures and […]

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