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New Leica Mini M camera teaser

Leica published a new teaser on their website that shows a slightly opened box with just a glimpse of their new camera. Hopefully we will be able to see more of the “Mini M” next Monday. For now, everything points to an APS-C based camera with a fixed zoom lens. The big question is whether […]

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What could be the new Leica Mini M?

What kind of camera will be the new Mini M? First, I believe it will not be called Mini M, in fact I think it will have nothing to do with a “real” M rangefinder. The new teaser is kind of confusing in that sense because the X2 and D-Lux 6 are not really M cameras – […]

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New Leica Mini M camera coming on June 11

Leica Camera has a new teaser on their website for a new Mini M camera that will be announced on June 11th. A new model placed between the M and the X series has been rumored for years. The only additional info I have at that point is that the new camera will be made in […]

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