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Ernst Leitz Museum officially opens with new exhibit

ERNST LEITZ MUSEUM: Museum for Photography and Photographic Technology The ERNST LEITZ MUSEUM is being developed into a central cultural institution of national and international importance where the public can discover the many different facets of photography. The focus will be on researching and communicating to the public the past, present, and future of modern […]

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Leica Museum report (Ur-Leica, Leica M for RED prototype, Leica M6 prototype for Queen Elizabeth)

Leica M for (RED) prototype by Johnny Ive and Mark Newson

DC.Watch (Google translation) published a report from the new Leica Museum, including some interesting and uniques Leica cameras:

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F11 Photographic Museum in Hong Kong

CNN has a story on Douglas So and the F11 Photographic Museum in Hong Kong that has many Leica cameras on display (I reported about this museum on Facebook few weeks ago): Among F11 Photographic Museum’s collection is a display of 60 Leica cameras — each with their own story and history — including a 1954 […]

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