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The latest Leica lens rumors

The latest Leica lens rumors I received from a source (Google translated):

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Very interesting hints about future Leica products

Mike Amos from photobasecamp.com attended the LHSA meetings in Wetzlar last year and contacted me regarding some very interesting hints about upcoming Leica products:

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Updated list of rumored Leica cameras and lenses

After the Leica D-Lux 7 camera announcement, here is an updated list of the remaining rumored/expected Leica cameras and lenses (see the previous lists here):

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New Leica Noctilux lens rumored

Leica is currently testing several new Noctilux lens designs with the goal to release a new version in the near future. Some of the possibilities are: 50mm f/0.95 (just an update of the current version) 35mm f/0.95 35mm f/0.70 (unlikely to go in to production) One of the designs mentioned above could be for the Leica T […]

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