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Reminder: new Leica price increase in the US on May 1st

Just a reminder that Leica will be increasing their prices in the US on May 1st (see the new price list here). If you are still looking to buy something before the price increase, check one of our sponsors for the best pricing and availability: B&H Adorama PopFlash (call and ask for their specials) Leica Boutique Palm Beach (call) Leica […]

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Latest Leica US rebates still ongoing despite the upcoming price increase

Just a reminder that in addition to the upcoming Leica price increase in the US on May 1st, the latest Leica rebates are still valid until June 30th: check out the details at B&H by clicking the “Conditional Rebates link” (see rebate form) or at Leica Store Miami (see also this post) I would also recommend calling PopFlash and ask for their specials similar savings are […]

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Leica price increase in the US: the full list with new pricing

Here is the full list of Leica products that will get a price increase on May 1st as I already reported yesterday (courtesy of Leica Store Miami):

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Leica price increase coming to the US on May 1st, M10 goes up by $300

Leica will raise most of their US prices on May 1st. I do not have the full list, but here is what to expect: Leica M10: up by $300 Leica M Typ 262: up by $200 Many of the Leica M10 accessories are going up in price as well, for example the M10 thumb support is going […]

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Leica price increase in the UK

Several readers have contacted me about a recent price increase in the UK for pretty much all Leica products as a result of the weak British Pound (see graph above). You can check the new Leica UK prices at Reddotcameras and Jessops.

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Reminder: the 12% savings on Leica gear will end on May 10th

A quick reminder: the current 12% savings on Leica gear in the US will come to an end on May 10th, 2016 at 11:59pm EST. Place your order at one of our sponsors before the price increase next week: Popflash B&H Adorama Amazon Leica Store Miami Leica Store San Francisco Leica Store Palm Beach Tamarkin […]

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New US price increase: the Leica M 240 is going up by $200

After the EU price increase, there will also be a new Leica price increase in the US starting February 1st, 2015. The price of the Leica M 240 will go up by $200 to $7,450! The good news is that the $750 discount on the M 240 (calculated from the old $7,250 price) is still valid till […]

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New Leica price increase in Europe on January 1st, 2015

As usual, Leica Camera will have another price increase on January 1st, 2015. For now the price increase is only for Europe – because of the stronger dollar, the Leica prices in the US are actually down with several ongoing promotions. Here are the details:

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