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Leica R10 in January 2010?

Update – here is a better translation: Leica R10 is coming in January 2010 Leica R9 is now being shut down as well as the manufacture of manually focused lenses. This happens awaiting the digital R10 which will get autofocus. For some years there was a digital back for Leica R8 and R9 called Digital […]

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Leica R10 is coming in 2009 acording to Dr. Kaufmann

I came across this Leica article – in English: …But good, says Kaufmann and looks very pleased, he and his team have already few funny surprises prepared: First next year will come the R 10 – speculations for this model have been circulating the Internet for years…

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Leica R10 will be all this

Full frame 24x36mm 24MP or more (based on the size of the sensor compared to the 30×45 mm 37.5 MP sensor in the S2) Kodak sensor ISO 1600 and above (with 1600 ISO in acceptable quality; better than existing Hasselblad it has been stated) Same or better image quality than DMR (which is already better […]

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Interview with Maike Harberts of Leica Camera AG about the new Leica S2 and the upcoming Leica R10

a must see: … yes, she does confirm the Leica R10 … a new Leica flash for the S2 is coming as well … R10 will have autofocus … R10 will be backwards compatible with old lenses Sponsor: Leica D-LUX 4 now in stock @ Amazon US Leica D-LUX 4 now in stock @ Amazon […]

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Yes, Leica R10 is coming

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Leica R10 (updated)

Update (09.23.08): Photographypress UK and Amateurphotographer UK confirms launch plans for Leica R10 (I hope they did not use us as a source). The code name AFRika was for the S2 camera that was announced today. This is what I found on the live blog from the S2 event: Good new for Leica R photographers! A […]

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New Leica S-System (updated)

Updates: Leica VIP Launch Event for S2: Few readers have asked me about the S2 event today. Sorry for the delay. Story and pictures available here. Leica S-system now official on Leica US web site. The dedicated S-system site can be found here. More info available in those links (many new pictures): http://www.1854.eu/2008/09/leica_s2_13_photos_of_the_new.html Juts got […]

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