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Leica themed jewelry by Markin

Leica themed jewelry by Markin

Leica Camera Russia is selling some cool Leica-themed pendant and cufflinks made by Markin. The price of the pendant is 35,000 RUB (around $520), the cufflinks are 65,000 RUB (around $970). Additional pictures:

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Leica introduces ‘0.95’ line of accessories and limited edition Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH lens

Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f:0.95 ASPH Edition 0.95 lens

In addition to the new D-Lux ‘Solid Gray’ camera, Leica also announced a new ‘0.95’ premium accessories collection and a special limited edition Noctilux-M lens: S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Fountain Pen S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Lighter S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Rollerball Pen S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Ballpoint Pen S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Keyring Leica Noctilux-M […]

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New Komaru “Colors” series of soft releases launched


In addition to the titanium soft releases, Komaru launched new “Colors” series that is currently available at Taos Photographic (EU), Leica Store Miami (US) and Drew & Barry (Asia). Additional information:

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New MGR adjustable viewfinder magnifiers for Leica M cameras


MGR Production introduced new adjustable viewfinder magnifier. These are the modified version of the original adjustable viewfinder magnifier (they have different range of magnification and design from the original version). The type Y has a magnification range from 1.15x to 1.65x or equal to -150 to +350 diopter, whereas the Type J magnifier has a magnification range […]

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New ONA Bowery bag for Leica


The new ONA Bowery bag for Leica features full-grain Italian leather, solid brass hardware as well as a custom interior and exterior accents in Leica’s signature red. Featuring five exterior pockets for personal items and an interior padded with closed-cell foam, the Bowery for Leica can carry a camera and one or two extra lenses. […]

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Novoflex already has various lens adapter for the Leica SL camera

Novoflex lens adapter for Leica SL camera

In additional to the original Leica SL lens adapters, Novoflex also has different adapters for the TL/SL mount. All possible mount/lens combinations can be found on their website (check US price and availability at B&H – many models are already in stock). Here is another example – Leica SL with Zeiss Otus lens:

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Leica SL system accessories

Leica SL system accessories 7

One of the advantages of the new SL system is the ability to use also Leica T and M, S, R plus Cine lenses with an adapter: The Leica SL and the Leica T share the same lens mount, now named the Leica L-Mount. The Leica T and future Leica TL lenses are compatible with the Leica […]

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