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New Leica bags from Angelo Pelle

Angelo Pelle, a handcraft company based in Florence, announced three new leather bags for Leica cameras: the Firenze Bag, the Iconic Cartella and the compact Henri Bag (available in different colors):

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New Leica accessories

Here are the latest Leica accessories: → Arte di Mano announced new half cases for Leica T (Typ 701) cameras. → New Match Technical T-Strap lug kit adapts your Leica T 701 camera to accept conventional straps. More information is available here (for all UK readers: the kit is available at Red Dot Cameras). → New Leica […]

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New Leica bags announced

Leica announced several new Leica branded system camera bags (see pre-orders options at B&H and Leica Store Miami);

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Match Technical has new designs for their latest “O” series soft releases buttons

Match Technical has released several new designs to their latest “O” series of soft releases buttons (named after the the rubber O-rings present at the bottom). For pricing and availability check Leica Store Miami and PopFlash.

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The popular ONA Berlin II and Prince Street bags are now shipping

ONA Bags started shipping their popular Berlin II bag together with all of the Prince Street bag models (available in tan, smoke, antique cognac and dark truffle colors). All of the bags are designed to carry a camera, two lenses, an iPad and personal items. The Berlin II is a Leica collaboration bag that features one signature […]

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Walter Leica’s new contrast lens accessory for easier focusing

Walter Leica has a new contrast lens accessory with a special golden color coating which intensifies the light, resulting in better contrast for easier focusing. Here are the details:

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Lolumina introduces new line of interchangeable soft-release buttons for non-threaded shutter release cameras

Lolumina introduced a new line of interchangeable soft-release buttons for non-threaded shutter release cameras (like the Leica X and T models). For more information and pricing, visit their website. Here is the press release:

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