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New ONA Astoria messenger bag announced

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ONA announced a new messenger bag Astoria (currently in stock at the Leica store Miami): As the largest messenger bag in our collection, the Astoria camera and laptop messenger bag is designed to accommodate a 13-inch laptop, one or two full-frame cameras, three to five lenses and small personal items. The Astoria is handcrafted with water-resistant […]

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New accessory: Walterleica Rollbar

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New accessory from Each Walterleica Rollbar is individually hand manufactured out of solid brass and aluminium – for Leica M digital cameras. This ingenious device provides two functions: 1. Provides better grip and add stable platform for the camera. 2. The allround rollbar serves as camera protection. Easy fitting. Bottom plate of camera can be […]

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New: Novoflex macro LEM/VIS II adapter set for Leica M type 240

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Novoflex released a new macro LEM/VIS II adapter set for the Leica M type 240 camera. CameraWest published a quick review on their website: “This nifty set for Leica M mount functions in two ways and will expand the possibilities of your M system. First, when used in combination with a Visoflex II or III, it allows infinity focus […]

Novoflex macro LEM:VIS II adapter set for Leica M type 240
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New: ONA Berlin Leica M-System leather camera bag

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To celebrate 100 years of Leica photography, ONA announced a new limited edition  leather camera bag specially designed for the Leica M system. The price of the bag is $369 and it can be pre-ordered here. Promo video and additional details:

ONA Berlin - Leica M-System Leather Camera Bag
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Gariz leather half case for Leica M 240 now available in three colors

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The Gariz BL-LCMBR leather half case for Leica M 240 is now available on Amazon in (brown |black | red) and on eBay (brown |black | red). Additional information is available on

Gariz leather BL-LCMBR Leica M half case red
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Leica SCA adapter set for multifunctional handgrip M is now shipping

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The Leica Store Miami has the Leica SCA adapter set in stock for the multifunctional handgrip M (currently also in stock at Amazon). Some additional pictures of the adapter set with a Leica M camera and SF58 flash ($629):

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New Leica cases from

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New products from their new Leica M240 case can fit a ThumbsUp attached to the camera.  The new cases also have a choice of standard half case or half case with a flap to cover the rear screen. ClassicCases is also offering ‘A la Carte’ orders for customers with specific requests, for example a black M240 […]

Christmas Home UK and Prague 2013 by rebecca
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