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Poll: Who is buying the new Leica products?

I am just curious how many readers are planning on buying the newly announced Leica products – this post contains three different polls for the M9-M, X2 and 50mm Cron lens. I did not include the M9-P Hermes limited edition because they will be all sold out anyway. Leica M Monochrom, 18MP B&W only sensor, […]

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What to expect from Leica next week: M9-M, X2, 50mm Cron lens (updated)


This is an update to my previous post on my expectations and rumors for the Leica announcement in Berlin next week. Leica M9-M Monochrome rangefinder: All black camera body with no red dot or any other markings on the front, there will only be a Leica Monochrome engraving on the top plate (similar to the M9-P). The M9-M […]

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Leica X2 with 18MP sensor, new 50 Summicron costs $1000 more, Leica Monochrome with LCD screen


Some fresh rumors about the new Leica products that are expected to be announced on May 10th: The new Leica X2 camera will have a 18MP sensor. The new 50mm f/2 Summicron-M lens will cost $1000 more than its predecessor (the price tag will be around $3,300.00). The new Leica Monochrome M rangefinder will be all […]

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The upcoming Leica Monochrome rangefinder will have a M9 styled body


The upcoming Leica Monochrome digital rangefinder (with a black and white only sensor) will have a M9-like body. We are not going to see a new M10 camera on May 10 – a completely new M10 will probably be announced in September during Photokina. I am still trying to get a confirmation on whether the new Leica Monochrome […]

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What to expect from Leica on May 10th, 2012


Those are all the possible scenarios for the Leia announcement on May 10th:

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Rumor: the next Leica M camera will have a black and white sensor


I received this tip several weeks ago, but did not publish it online because I really couldn’t believe it until today when Leica sent out invitations for their next announcement. The new Leica M camera is rumored to have a black and white only sensor and  no LCD display. The sensor will not be produced by Kodak. Apparently the staff in […]

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Leica M10 on May 10th?


Leica Camera sent out invitations for an event in Berlin on May 10th, 2012: “Leica celebrates the essentials of photography! We invite you to exclusively experience a whole range of product launches in a culturally and photographically unique atmosphere on 10-11 May 2012 in Berlin…”

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