Big “Leica-Bang” on September 15th

The German Foto Magazine distributed some Leica rumors in their latest edition (page 30):

Concerning the German photojournal FotoMagazin (FoMag) 8/2008 , which appeared today, there will be following Leica-news at Photochina:

- Leica will introduce a FF R10 and a new corresponding AF -lens line as prototype. Production will start late 2009.
- There will not be a new Leica FT model - but Leica will continue together with Panasonic the FTs line ( - think whatever you believe imho it is an Ausstieg¹ )
- FoMag is waiting for a new "Leica-Knaller" (Big Leica-Bang) which will be introduced at Sept. 15th in a press conference. FoMag will publish the news on a separate FoMag internet page.

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