Weekend Leica Forum in Germany – Photokina expectations

This information is is based on a Leica Forum that happened few weeks ago in Germany. The presenter form Leica was Mr. Stefan Daniel who is the head of the M division at Leica in Solms. Here is run down on the report:

- no new R lens at Photokina
- R9 still in production
- autofocus may come

- many surprises for Photokina advertised
- the name Noctilux will be a part of the future M lens family
- a new fixed wide angle lens will come for Photokina
- the preferred sensor supplier for M will still be Kodak
- Tri Elmar 28-35-50 is no longer in production

- there will be no Leica labeled Olympus E-3

D-Lux, etc.:
- there will be new models in corporation with Panasonic for Photokina.

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