The largest telephoto lens in the world is not a Leica

I know this is old news, but a reader pointed out to me (thanks Andreas) that the Leica APO-TELYT-R 1:5.6/1600mm may not be the most expensive lens in the world. Take a look at this monster - Zeiss Apo Sonnar T 4/1700mm:

The "tiny" black cube at the end of the lens is a Hasselblad camera.

I could not find any info on the price, but this is definitely the largest telephoto lens in the world (beats Leica by 100mm).

Google translation (Source):

Such a photo optics, the world has never seen! Developed for animal photography from a great distance in the wild increases of this super-telephoto 21-fold. With the aim to achieve the highest quality opted for the client and 6x6 medium format camera as the best in his experience the Hasselblad 203 FE.

With 1700 mm focal length and intensity 1:4 put this lens unprecedented demands on optical glasses, assembly and manufacturing technology. With 256 kg in weight are all well known tripods totally overwhelmed. So has Carl Zeiss brand new handling and Fotografiertechniken redeveloped.

With his experience in satellite and space optics and micro lithography lenses for the semiconductor manufacturing Carl Zeiss has the challenge of STL likes adopted.

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  • It looks like a telescope lens. Wow.

  • LR admin

    Hi Josh – good to see you back online. I read somewhere that only one of those lenses were sold to someone in the Middle East…

  • Oliver

    it seems like it, since the writing in the bottom picture is in arabic

  • Derek Winchester
  • LR admin

    Thanks for the link Derek, I will update the post. I think Canon also have similar model, but they are not nearly as expensive as the Leica and Zeiss

  • KHB

    For nature photography? I’d expect them to include a Mercedes Unimog as the standard lens support accessory.

    Seriously though, you could spot an incoming asteroid with that thing.

  • KHB

    Arabic script. Is it targeted at the “Has anyone seen my Falcon?* ” market.

    (either the feathered or the Dassault variety, would do both equally well).

  • Robert
  • Bob Lampert

    I think the difference is Leica’s is made for a 35mm camera not 2 1/4

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