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Leica M9 concept sketch

I did post this link few days ago, but here are the actual concept sketches and appropriate discussions which I find very interesting. I hope Leica AG has already looked into that, since there are some interesting suggestions (like the AE-L lock button). Here is the first Leica M9 sketch: and the more “traditional” approach:

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D-Lux 4 and LX 3 have different lens coating?

Update: now there is a dpreview discussion on this topic and it seems that few other people think that the coating is indeed different. I guess the price difference is not only for the brand name and the jpg processing. Interesting side-by-side comaprisson between Panasonic LX 3 and Leica D-Lux 4 – it seems that […]

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Leica Cultural/Photographic China Tour – April 2009

Update: here is a video from the 2008 tour (shot with Leica M8 – thanks Davi). Be a part of an 18-days expedition to Southwestern China. Experience the rich & colorful cultures and landscapes of China with the latest Leica optics. Canadian Leica Photographer, Yau-Sun Tong and Brian Bell of Leica Camera Inc. will be […]

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Leica M8.2 Safari official

At least this time we have an official press release from Leica. The first M8 Safari comment I came across this morning was: “Let me know when they produce a version covered in reticulated Ostrich testicles and I just might be interested” (source). I am not the target audience for this model but if I […]

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More Leica D-Lux 4 accessories

Hoodman HoodLoupe modification for LX3/D-Lux 4. The duct tape “adds class” (source). GGS pro LCD Screen Protector for LX3/D-Lux 4: Remember this lens hood mod with the Ricoh LC-1 Auto Lens Cap? More details are now available at dpreview (see also this thread).

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Leica links

The President of Pentax USA gets a Leica D-Lux 4 and brags about it on his blog. Initiate lens identification in Leica M8 firmware petition can be found here. Leica serial numbers database. Interesting lens – Leica 50/1,4 Summilux close focus prototype. Leica Compatible Lenses – if you want to use other lenses with your […]

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Leica M8.2 Safari – only 500 pieces worldwide


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Leica Oskar Barnack Award

The renowned photographic competition, the Leica Oskar Barnack Award will be celebrating its 30th year in 2009. On the occasion of this special jubilee, Leica Camera AG has revised the entry conditions and included numerous changes. Entries for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award/Newcomers Award 2009 will be accepted as online submissions between 15 January and […]

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