Leica M9 concept sketch

I did post this link few days ago, but here are the actual concept sketches and appropriate discussions which I find very interesting. I hope Leica AG has already looked into that, since there are some interesting suggestions (like the AE-L lock button). Here is the first Leica M9 sketch:

and the more "traditional" approach:

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  • LeicaSchmeica

    Do you think your sketches are still “basic” enough? I mean, the more simple a Leica gets, the more money some idiots are going to spend for it, for just a normal cam with nothing special on it….

  • fotomik

    Cripes, the top one looks like an M5… Not a mistake that Leica is going to make again. And there’s something about that recessed SS-dial that jsut doesn’t feel right. I dont’t know what it is, but I don’t like it.

    But that battery-level indicator is cool though, even if it is nicked straight from the bottom of my MacBookPro… 😀

    He’s also omitted the cable release-thread from the first one.

    And to “LeicaSchmeica” (I see what you did there…), if Nikon would do something as simple as this, the digital FM3A that I’ve been waiting for, this idiot would spend money on it. Or an Olympus OM2D, Canon F1D, Voigtländer Bessa D, Zeiss Ikon D, Pentax LX-D, or anything with a good viewfinder and analog switches and button and levers.

  • justin

    I think its fake. the lens serial number is 39xxxxx the new photos are at least 41xxxxx

  • Bob

    Of course it’s a fake. It says ‘concept sketch’ in big letters, in the headline.

  • justin

    Yea, i realized that quickly after posting that… yesterday was not my day for catching names of things…

  • Copirate

    Leica sort un M9 24×36 de 24 million de px pour la photokina 2010, un 18 mm, un 50 f:0,95 un 24 mm f1,4 et un 21 f 1,4 (pas sur) asphérique mais et il est urgent de l’attendre. Le M8 sera un mauvais souvenir.

  • Copirate

    Au dernière nouvelle le M9 arriverai pour la fin 2009. Source Leica France.

  • Jeez, it was very clever design. The flat taller top plate would allow designers to have more freedom and comfort for further development of the M body, including the full frame and Motor Wider attached from the bottom.
    The apearance of the Lumix G1, open the vast array of new possibilities, though: with mirrorless body, Live View, compactness, using all different types of adapters… to name just a few,… which might lead to the merging R to M, or viceversa.
    The high resolution of a Digital viewfinder might replace the traditional M one, which is a Stroke of the Master in its own right.
    I would keep the top shutter speed/8000s/, like on my M8, keep the biggest pixels as possible, Live View, Anti- Shake Vibration in the Body/just like one in the Sony Alpha A900/, Sapphire Glas, Cerramic Components wherever Possible/Contax G1, G2, Tvs Digital, T2, T3/, but NO AUTOFOCUS!
    Cheerz, Tomislav

  • Jonnek

    My friend, you should send your (first) sketch to Leica GmbH with a big-bold letter notice that is going to be like: THIS IS WHAT WE WANT. PLEASE, FEEL FREE TO COPY.
    And regarding the inside, if it is near the capabilities and specs of a, lets say, D700 or a 5DII, I am going the very next day of the announcement to sell my beloved car.



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