Breaking news: Leica M9 and Leica X1 pictures leaked

Now we finally know what the second camera will be:  Leica X1 (click on image for larger view):

Leica M9 & Leica X1 (click for larger view)

Leica M9 & Leica X1 (click for larger view)

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  • To Admin – Here’s one under a Creative Commons license

  • Anonymous

    i saw their first appearance on flickr and quickly made screenshots. there are/were specifications on the original flickr-images.
    they can be downloaded here.

  • naomi white

    Hey, you picked up the photos that we posted on LUF and RRF, and flickr – and now you have put your website name on the photos ….. wonderful!

  • LR admin

    No, I did not – I just received them in an email without any links to external sites. How do you know who got the photo first?

  • hmm

    you do have permission from the copyright holder to publish these? I know you would never steal….

  • dick

    diddums it’s a rumor site. there is always going to be unsubstantiated and randomly acquired stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Actually once something is posted on sites such as flikr they are in the public domain and therefore are fine to use on other sites so really don’t see what your problem is, just enjoy the site and stop wasting the admins time

  • noct

    lol, way to put your own watermark on someone else’s photos.

  • regular

    The X1 is very small. I dont see a rangefinder window.

  • naomi white

    how do we know who put first ? – we have been scanning the internet since yesterday – first it came up on flickr in the morning (GMT wise) , then rff, then LUF and much later, on yours.

    you are going in the dpreview way – putting watermarks on others photos! if it’s on creative commons , then leave it like that, don’t claim it to be your property.

  • justin

    How would one post a picture like this -Legally- then? Constructive comments?

  • Rando

    Thank admin for the news.
    Thank Libby for your fotostream. Maybe you are the first. I downloaded the pics and upload to my flickr too. Thanks!

  • Manolito

    Stop talking nonsense… Internet works that way: you put watermarks not to claim ownership but to to advertise your site when others post the images somewhere else.

    Don’t like that? Then you have 3 options:

    1- Sue the owner of this blog (but… are you the copyright holders?).
    2- Go cry with others (music labels are a good companion).
    3- Shut up.


  • naomi white

    Stop shilling, manolito.

  • Anybody

    I think, the X1 could be the Pana GF1…

  • LR admin

    First, if somebody can claim ownership of those photos, I am sure Leica AG would be happy to know – email me and I will put your name as a source. Second, even if those images are copyrighted, there is a “fair use” clause for copyrighted material:

  • LR admin

    OK, I removed the watermark – again, when I received those pictures this morning (without a source link), I thought I am the first one to publish them – this is why I added the wm. Now, I understand that those pictures were published before and I removed the wm.
    Everybody happy?

  • mydarkroom

    I think that there will be a M9, maybe a X1 (that will likely look like the just released Panasonic GF-1) but those shots are fake. Really fake!

    Well, at least I hope they are fake, specially the X1. Oh boy, what an ugly camera! What the hell is that second dial on the top? For EV comp? Awful! The M9 is just a photoshopped version of the M8 that person also has on flickr. Sorry folks, not this time! Plus, I expect a bit more from Leica, specially after making such a splash with video and live broadcast for the 9th!

    Last… the discussion about copyright? Give me a break. The material posted here are most of the time grabbed from the net (therefore its a rumor site). It was never claimed to be shots form the editor! The watermark is okay, so if someone else use the photos used here, credit will be made that the pictures were grabbed form this site (advertisement, not claiming the editor took them!). I think that if the person that originally placed the pictures on the web wanted to have some credits for the pictures, would have placed the watermark themselves (naomi white).

  • LR admin

    Naomi White, just a question: why are you tracing those photos on the Internet since yesterday? Are you the source of the leak? This may explain why you were so upset.

  • Manolito

    Fro dpreview:

    TEBnewyork wrote:

    – Looks fake:

    Not for me. More like a mock up, but still could be the real thing.

    – Grip doesn’t match the base

    It does. Below the lens, to the left, you can see the… how is that in english… knob? Well, the ‘wheel’ you’d use to ‘screw’ or fix the grip to the base. Looks like the tripod mount is not lined up with the lens…

    – Says flash built in – Where

    See next.

    – What is the round thing on the right? Looks like a photoshopped film rewind

    May be the (pop-up) flash. Nice design then.

    – What is the second dial for?

    Aperture. From f/2.8 to f/16 plus A (red) for aperture priority. This tell us it is a fixed (non removable) lens.

    – Nice serial number on the lens
    – Can’t imagine it coming with a 48mm (equiv) lens

    In the text it says 24mm… equivalent, so it must be 16mm (if a 1.5x sensor). But it’s strange that this is not reflected in the lens.

    BTW, because of the aperture dial on top, the (maybe) offset tripod mount and its desing (no protusions) the lens looks like… it is retractable?

  • Rangefinder Bob

    Anyone know — How much are these doggies in my Windows (Explorer)?

  • Guillaume

    Looking closely, on the M9, the line of top plate where the counter is on M8.2/8 does not look very straight (top right end corner). Looks like a photoshopped M8.2 designed to match the video frames seen on the promotional video.

  • frenchy

    Well well well

    we might be able to use our M lenses on both cams :d

  • Geoff Hopkinson

    I see the person who apparently first posted these has a bunch of fakes on his site. That X1 thingie looks like it was carved from a block of wood or something with pieces glued on. The ‘specs’ certainly don’t sound like the Panasonic GF-1.

    The M9 ‘specs’ sound remarkably like the last 10,000 speculations we have all seen everywhere.
    Aren’t rumours wonderful?

  • No Name
  • No Name

    Therefore M9 summary:

    Sensor size: 36 × 24mm
    Megapixels: 18mp
    Dimensions: 139 x 37 x 80 mm
    IR / UV filter is not necessary
    2.5-inch LCD monitor
    new ISO sensitivity button
    Leica M9 in, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is shipped with a license

  • Anonymous

    You are wrong about the using pictures on your websites without permission the copyright holder. I work for a large photo agency and we have spiders in all of our images and will find them on your site and come after you. You have know fair right use of photos made by the copyright holder.

  • LR admin

    You are correct. The question here is who is the copyright holder? If it is Leica, those are the press-release images that are suppose to be made public in few days. I am still waiting for the copyright owner to announce him/herself.

  • Guido

    Helloo Everybody,

    I just went to my favorite photography shop in Brussels.
    Leica M9 will be presented 18th of september in that shop (by Leica officials).
    Full Frame 18 mpix / 5490 euros

    PS : I don’t undestand why people fight about the pictures above. Fake or not who cares ? Rumors are part of the game nowadays. Leica M9 is coming people, isn’t that a great news… let’s talk photography :o)

  • Stephen

    Hi there, frankly, I am not very impressed with any of this. The world of photography has changed (in my humble opinion). Essentially, photography is about two things, the lens and the film. At least, that is how it used to be (and still is for film shooters). For digital shooters, its about the lens and the sensor (the modern day substitue for film). In the old days it made sense to spend a lot of money on your camera as well as your lens as you had this camera for life. Why? Because as film changed and got better, all you had to do, what change the film in your workhorse leica camera and you had the state of the art gear.

    Now days, film does not change (in digital photography) but the sensors do! Almost every few months, a new sensor is coming out, 10 mega pixels, 12, 18, 24 (and now 37.5(!)). APS and also Full Frame… Now, the problem is, its not so easy as pulling out your old film and putting in the new version…your sensor is stuck in your camera and is not coming out! Solution if you want the new sensor (read film)…Sell/bin the camera, keep your old lens and buy the new camera. One heck of a lot more expensive that upgrading in the old days.

    What is the solution then? I say… Digital Backs or some sort of interchangeable sensor technology so when a new sensor comes out that one day will be say Full Frame, 35 mega pixels and have the high iso performance of say the Nikon D3…I want to be able to take that sensor and put it in my workhorse leica and go on my way.

    All that is happening is they building cameras that are super expensive but are obsolete very quickly not because of their lenses or the body…but because of the sensors they are stuck with. Come on guys… Build me a leica that I never have to bin to get the latest sensor.

    That is my two pence.

  • Stephen,

    Yes there are new cameras coming out all of the time. Does this make your old camera obsolete? Well, not really. It still takes the same images it did the day you purchased it. New cameras simply improve functionality, image size and quality. That said, if these are important to you you may wish to upgrade – just as you may have wanted to upgrade from an R4 to an R8 in the days of film.

    Digital adds opportunities, it doesn’t subtract them. Buy a camera that you are happy with the quality of and then use it for as long as you like.



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