Leica X1 & Leica M9 specs


Leica X1

The Leica X1 is real (not sure about the Leica M9 picture). Here are some of the specs (they were part of the picture comments on flickr, but are now all gone):

  • 12 mp APSC CEMOS sensor
  • Leica Elmarit 24mm f/2.8 ASPH l;ens (equivalent to 35mm)
  • Manual exposure operations (shutter dial/aperture dial
  • Autofocus
  • Built-in flash (this is the circle cover on top right)
  • Bundled with Adobe Lightroom
  • Made in Germany

Here are the Leica M9 specs:

  • Full frame CCD 24x36mm 18.2 mp sensor
  • Improved image noise performance at high ISO settings
  • Improved operation reactivity
  • SD card slot
  • Bundled with Adobe Lightroom

Regarding availability: the rumor is that the Leica M9 will be available for sale next week and the Leica X1 will be in stores in few months.

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  • helios

    how much?

  • helios

    anyone want to take a guess? being made in germany….$2000?

  • NIkoDoby

    So the Leica M9 is the same as the canon 7D which is a Kodak made sensor?
    Could the X1 (I like the name) be based on the Panasonic GF1 or is it a fixed lens. Seems like a fixed lens to me, right?

    A circular flash? does it strobe 360 degrees?! 🙂

  • LR admin

    I hope is less thank $2k. The GF1 is $900.

  • helios

    im hoping 900$ if its more than $1000, im out. if less…..im sold

  • NIkoDoby

    Anyone else notice the “1…2…3…4…5…6…7” on the lens of the X1? What’s that about?

  • helios

    i think its a mock up…who knows.

  • André

    Well notice niko doby… that way i would say that this is a very well done 3d model. The M9 appears to be the camera that we saw in some frames at the leica announcement video.

  • mario

    Would Leica really design such a ugly camera (X1)? Even the Lumix GF1 is nicer….

  • Anonymous

    how do you mean that x1 is real? why it says 24 mm on lens, is it full frame?

  • matteo

    The Canon 7D is not full frame and has CMOS type sensor.

  • Verners

    Well if thats the Canon 7D sensor, then its a 1.6x aps-c sized sensor, which would be a downgrade to the M8 imo. And the canon sensor is made by canon as much as i red…

    Still hoping it will be the 5d mk2 sensor, but will be lucky if it really is a full frame…

  • matteo

    Can’t be a CMOS sensor. Those type isn’t suitable for a digital RF ’cause it reacts very bad at high incidence light angles.

  • Mark

    Leica X1 = Digital Fed5b? 🙂

    I hope that’s just an early prototype.. and where’s the optical VF? Throw us a frikkin bone here Leica. We know it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg anyway.

  • kam

    haha you guys are delusional if you think the X1 will be as cheap as the GF1. Look how much more expensive the d-lux is over the lx3 and they are basically the same camera and take the same photos.

  • andres

    x1 picture is fake….so could be the m9’s picture but who cares we all know what leica rangefinders look like.

  • Joe

    This will be a digital version of the Leica CM. Fixed lens. A very high-end point and shoot with large dSLR sensor and manual controls. If it’s APS-C and made in Germany as suggested I’m thinking north of $1500. Look at what the Digilux 2 originally cost and that was made by Panasonic in Japan.

  • LR admin

    I have reasons to believe that the Leica X1 picture is real – it matches the previous description I received of a second, more “entry level” camera with a big sensor.

  • justin

    Its point and shoot size, Sigma tried to put a x1.6 crop sensor in a PnS body and it didn’t work… well. And it seems Leica has had troubles with sensor technology in the past so I doubt they solved the “Full Frame” sensor in a PnS body.

    We’ll see on the Ninth!

  • Nobody Special

    Leica will not use a Canon sensor. I’m not quite convinced that the ‘X1’ is legit, or as pictured. Doesn’t make much sense to have an APSC sensor with a fixed lens, at least one would expect it have interchangeable optics.

    ‘1234567’ on the lens is not a real serial number anyway, and the grip is also not likely to be real or they would not show it as a standard production piece – perhaps an accessory but not likely part of a starter kit, not to mention the M style strap lugs – on a fixed lens camera? We’ll find out soon enough.

  • Jo

    a fixed focal lens at f/2.8 only would be very disappointing. The fixed normal lens of the Panasonic is f/1.7 !!

  • me

    The X1 has nothing to do with any Panasonic camera. Its made by Leica Camera. Wait to touch it. Dials like M, varnishing like Leica. Perfect camera. Pricing will be much lower than 2k EUR…

  • LOl you are cracking me up, a point and shoot for more than 1500EUR… nobody would even consider buying such a thing even if it had 10 red dots. I bet even a Canon G11 takes better pictures and has a zoom lens ^^

  • Edi

    The X1 picture looks like what’s typically coming out of a CAD application, so it probably won’t be how the final product will look like. Still, if the specs we’re seeing are real, then we might finally get the camera I described here


    I just hope it will have a decent viewfinder, preferably built-in.

    As to the guy who thinks a G11 will take “better pictures”: If you don’t know what the difference between an APS-C sensor and the tiny thingy inside the G1 is, then, yes, at least for you it really won’t matter which camera you’ll use…

  • Edi

    That should have been “G11” and not “G1” above unless that wasn’t clear.

    BTW, “1234567” is a serial number Leica themselves use in product shots. Look for example at the fourth image in this flash movie:


  • DBM

    X1 is probably Leica’s answer to SGMA DP1. But why??? They should have answered to M4/3 instead.

  • Edi

    Why DP1 instead of FourThirds? Because the sensor is bigger! Why should they go for a smaller sensor? 🙂

    And why don’t they go the FourThirds route? Because a) it would be much harder to make the X1 something unique to Leica in these surroundings, b) they don’t have the resources to maintain a third line of lenses (besides M and S), c) the FourThirds standard is dominated by Panasonic and Olympus and some of the decisions they made Leica never liked, and d) a rangefinder-like camera from Leica for less than a third of the price of an M9 and with exchangeable lenses would cannibalize their own M market.

    I’m surprised by the X1, but if they can pull it off with the quality one expects from Leica, I think this was a pretty smart move strategically.

  • Marki

    Where are the distance markings on the lens? Which leads to another question – why have a knurled lens ring if it’s autofocus only?
    This is a rudimentary mockup or a fake.

  • Zorro

    Anything with a Lieca badge made in Germany will be priced at least triple what it is actually worth.

  • felsby

    “Anything with a Lieca badge made in Germany will be priced at least triple what it is actually worth”

    Actual value is what you can sell stuff for. Nothing else matters.

  • will

    When available for purchase in U.S.A.?

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