Leica M9 picture on dpreview

A picture of what appears to be a black Leica M9 appeared on dpreview today. Here is the direct link to the host (photobucket) - update: image was removed.

Thanks for the tip Naomi!

At the same time Leica UK had not comments on the latest M9 and X1 leaks.

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  • David

    A bad fake. Good fakes I like, bad fakes are not worth the attention.

  • anonymous

    Is this the same Naomi that posted the following?

    naomi white
    Posted September 2, 2009 at 8:20 am | Permalink
    Hey, you picked up the photos that we posted on LUF and RRF, and flickr – and now you have put your website name on the photos ….. wonderful!

    If so… please don’t waste your time with people like that and keep the good blogging!

  • LR admin

    Yes, same Naomi… I guess you are right, I should not waste my time. Thanks.

  • mark

    Why don’t you guys just relax and see what happens rather than spreading all this junk about the place, maybe you get a kick out of it….

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