Leica X1 specs?

Update: I think this rumor is now busted. Those specs do not match the Leica X1 expectation (X1 will not be a M4/3 camera and will have a fixed lens).


Those specs are very confusing for me, not sure if they are real:

Interchangeable lens type digital camera
Effective pixels 12.11 million
Maximum number of pixels 13.66 million
The maximum resolution 4000 × 3000
Multiple of 4 times digital zoom
Sensor Type Live MOS sensor
Focus Mode Auto Focus
Manual Focus
Face Detection
AF Tracking
Area Focus / Focus on a region
Single or continuous AF
Autofocus detection range: EV 0-18 (F3.5 lens, using the ISO 100)
Pre-AF (rapid AF / Continuous AF), auto-focus + IF, IF auxiliary system (5 times, 10 times)
Release Date September 2009

Camera flash Pop-up
External flash support for external flash
Leica lens X1
Lens Model for M4 / 3 mount lenses
Leica X1 Shutter
60 -1/4000 shutter speed
Prolonged exposure (up to 4 minutes)
Flash X sync 1-160 seconds
Leica X1 Exposure Control
Exposure mode program AE, aperture-priority AE, Shutter Priority AE, Manual, movies, self-definition (2)
Exposure Compensation 1 / 3 EV stages, -3 +3 EV
Auto Exposure Compensation 1/3-1 EV stage, three (cases)
Exposure Metering 144-point auto-metering, intelligent multi-point, the central focus, fixed-point metering
Scene modes portrait, skin and soft, creative portraits, architecture, sports, Peripheral defocus, flowers, food, objects, Night Portrait, Night Scene, lighting, baby 1,2, pets, sunset
Intelligent ISO sensitivity range
The use of ISO 100, ISO 200 between the
Standard ISO 400
Standard ISO 800
ISO 1600
ISO 3200
White Balance Auto, Pre-set
Preset White Balance Auto, daylight, cloudy, shade, halogen, flash, custom 1, custom 2, Kelvin temperature
Leica X1 shooting performance
Image size 4000 × 3000 (4:3)
2816 — 2112 (4:3)
2048 — 1536 (4:3)
4000 — 2672 (3:2)
2816 — 1880 (3:2)
2048 — 1360 (3:2)
4000 — 2248 (16:9)
2816 — 1584 (16:9)
1920 — 1080 (16:9)
2992 — 2992 (1:1)
2112 — 2112 (1:1)
1504 — 1504 (1:1)
Video capture AVCDHD: 1280 — 720 (30fps);
MJPEG: 320 — 240 (30fps);
640 — 480 (30fps);
848 — 480 (30fps);
1280 — 720 (30fps);
High-definition format support 720P video capture
Video output NTSC / PAL standard
Leica viewfinder and display X1
LCD screen type TFT LCD display screen
3-inch LCD screen size
460,000 pixel LCD screen
Viewfinder type LCD viewfinder
Leica X1 storage format
Memory Card Type SD Card / SDHC card / MMC card flash memory cards
RAW format, JPEG photo standard
Video format AVCHD
Other features Leica X1
Playback leaflets / 12, 30 thumbnail display, calendar display, overexposure tips;
Zoom playback (up to 16-fold) / image rotation (RAW format, except);
Slide presentation (interval adjustable, you can manually control);
Favorite Photo Play / recovery (number of pixels selectable);
Cut / protection / aspect conversion / PDOF print settings
Connection type USB2.0, interface with MiniHDMI TypeC
Power Supply 1250 milliamperes 7.2v lithium-ion rechargeable battery charger
Weight 448.0g
Printing support PictBridge Printing Protocol
Compatible operating systems Windows XP / Vista, MAC OS X
Standard screw tripod screw
Leica X1 environmental parameters
Operating Humidity 90%
Storage Humidity 10-80%

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  • Peter Lustig

    Leica X1 will base on the Panasonic Micro FourThirds Lumix GF1 – Flash, Control dial, Shutter release, Flash-Shoe – all the same position with the Lumix. Both 12MP… And they already cooperate with the D-Lux modells… and remember the New Leica Lens that Panasonic is offering for the GF1.

    So this X1 will be the Leica version of a Micro FourThirds camera – I am sure.

  • fiatlux

    I don’t find pick the wrong
    the specs pick the wrong
    so confusing pick the wrong
    It’s just a pick the wrong
    copy of the pick the wrong
    GF-1 specs pick the wrong
    which is pick the wrong
    rather plausible pick the wrong

  • Stephen

    M9… is what I like! What about a panasonic version though? Then we could be talking. I don’t care about cameras, only lenses – unless you are talking about film…then cameras matter. Digital cameras are nothing more than a shell around the sensor and sensor technology is changed every few months so give me a cheap panasonic camera with the same sensor as the Leica and I will keep my leica lenses and buy a new pana camera every 6 months with the newest and best sensor.

  • Stephen

    Sorry, I forgot to add :

    Pick the wrong

  • Stephen

    Hi… one other thing, if this picture is accurate, its not the same as the GF1 due to the fact that this has a manual dial for shutter speed while the GF1 does not. This seems more old school. I still worry about lack of a view finder there. Think that is a deal breaker for me.

  • In my opinion, the photo is a mock up : not coated lens and so on The specifications are the same as the pana gf1. If Leica goes with pana in the m4/3, it’s a good information.

  • helios

    still no price info? not even a clue? cant imagine they could double the price on the competition. $1200?

  • Joe

    Those are the specs for the GF1. The X1 is NOT a mFT camera.

  • LR admin

    This is what I was thinking as well and the X1 will have a fixed lens, not a Interchangeable one. I think this rumor is busted.

  • the look is not a “Leica look” and i would rather see a Leica version of the Panasonic GF1, with new real Leica lenses. It is maybe the surprise we are all going to have on the 999 !

  • PS : I remember not so long ago that Leica CEO said there would be an affordable digital Leica camera…

  • NikoDoby

    The word “affordable” means different things to different people. Unfortunately I don’t think Leica’s definition is the same as mine 🙁

  • mingmac

    Ah!!! I cannot wait to see the real one.

  • Chow

    Just doesn’t make sense for Leica to launch a different system of interchangeable lenses. So I think it’s either fake or m43. Fixed focus won’t make sense either I think. Who wants to pay enormous amounts of money for a fixed lens cam.
    I guess in a few days from now we all know..

  • New informations/rumor (pdf file) seems to say these specifications (m4/3 etc.) are false and the photo is true.

  • hexar

    Are there more HEXAR AF users getting exited here ?

  • Joachim

    To Chow: “Fixed focus won’t make sense”. But the X1 will have an objective with fixed focal length; please note the difference.

  • hexar

    will the X1 have an electronic level like the Ricoh GRD and Oly EP1 have ?
    Any ideas if this could be a Leica “issue” ?
    (it is soooo helpfull especially in wide angle fotography)

  • Specs will be similar to the Panasonic GF-1. It will use Micro 4/3 mount lenses but because it has a bigger sensor (1.5x rather than 2.0x), it is technically not a Micro 4/3 camera so they were not lying when they said they won’t make a Micro 4/3 camera. It will have the optional Electronic Viewfinder that adjusts according to the lens mounted.

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