Nikon to announce camera similar to Leica X1?


Cnet Asia reports that Sunil Kaul (regional director of Asia Pacific for Leica Camera AG), mentioned that the X1 uses an APS-C sensor from Sony (12.9MP), and the same sensor is apparently going to be used in one of Nikon's upcoming cameras which he cannot disclose.

Via NikonRumors

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  • fiatlux

    Or has it been used in the D300s already?

    Many DSLRs already shared Sony APS-C sensors in the past, I’m not too shure what the X1 sensor would change to this.

  • Joe

    The X1 was a collaborative effort between Leica and Nikon so it follows that Nikon would announce their own version. It is not much different from the Leica-Panasonic relationship except that while the electronics are made by Nikon in Japan, final assembly and testing is done in Germany. In other words there is a lot more Leica DNA in the X1 but it will still be a shared platform.

  • Just a Thought

    Nikon apparently collaborates with Cosina and also Cosina’s Hoya div on non-DSLRs. What benefit would Nikon get by collaborating with Leica? Nikon knows how to build rangefinder bodies and lenses. It does not need rights to M mount as it already has rights to Contax rangefinder mount.

    Cosina apparently collaborates with many firms (including other German firms)
    on non-DSLR platforms and lenses.
    Saying Leica and Cosina collaborated would make more sense IMHO.

  • rhlpedrosa

    Where did you (Joe) read that the X1 is a collaborative effort Leica-Nikon?

  • Anonymous

    Hope its not that hugly , RDA is over man!!!

  • STT

    This sensor is the same as the one used with D90.

  • Nope, the D90 has a 12.3 megapixel sensor, not 12.9.

    I would LOVE for Nikon to do an X1. It’ll be less expensive. On the other hand, I don’t want an f/2.8 lens on such a camera!

  • I’d give anything for a digital replacement for my 1976 Nikon FE.

  • yadda

    “The X1 was a collaborative effort between Leica and Nikon” [citation needed]

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