B&H now accepting Leica M9 orders

Update #2: as a reader mentioned in the comments section, B&H is accepting orders, not pre-orders.

Update #1: I just talked to a rep @ B&H - there was no M9 waiting list prior to today, current orders will be handled on a first-come, first-served bases. No word on when and how many M9 cameras they will be getting.

B&H just started taking orders for the Leica M9 (before the M9 was listed as coming soon). I am not sure if B&H had an existing M9 waiting list, since you could not pre-order those items before. B&H is very conservative with their order business - with other brands, they don't list items for order unless they will have them in stock in few days (see Nikon for example). Maybe they will be getting a large M9 shipment in the next few days and this is why they listed it as "accepting 0rder". I will try to find out more.

Black M9 @ B&H

Steel Gray M9 @ B&H


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  • yoshitoshi

    This is who I got my M9 from at the beginning of this month. I got very lucky.

  • future m9 owner

    I put an order in – I think bandh will get it before my local dealer does. Even if they don’t, I can aways cancel the order.

  • SR

    note that they are taking orders, not pre orders – this is a good sign

  • David

    In my casual spare time I’ve been watching M9 listings on eBay, saw one sold for $10K, another one supposedly “sold” for $12K and then got relisted; that seller has a -1 review by someone who claims to have been scammed (thought that someone him or herself has no review ratings, there is def. somthing fishy going on with that listing). Two more were put up, a grey one that is currently being bid at $9K, and a black one that is currently being bid at a little over $7K. My guess is Leica will push out a large shipment before the holidays (any day now), and then the employees will take off for the month. After this lot I think end of Jan will be the earliest we see any further shipments.

  • someonewhoknows

    every leica dealer in the USA gets one m9 every 20 days. thats it. (they do not care who you are, or what kind of volume you can do with it. there will not be enough cameras to catch up with demand until next august at the earliest.

  • David

    Really? Wow that is good info.

  • someonewhoknows

    yes. also got to play with a pre-production X1 today. was very impressed, lens is probably worth $2000 by itself, photos were as sharp as some S2 samples that I have seen. The X1 camera will do very well for Leica.

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