And the winner is…

first-Leica-d-lux-4-BookThe winner of the Leica D-Lux 4 book giveaway is Chris G. Congratulations!

For the remaining readers, thanks for participating - don't loose hope, I may have another giveaway soon. BTW Amazon is now selling the book for $13.46!

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  • Congratulations Chris 😉

  • Javier


    The book is already out of stock….. I am waiting for restocking.

  • Chris

    thanks, i rigged it.

    just kidding, i’ve never won anything.

  • leicas2

    I don’t see any Chris G on the list…

  • Just a Thought

    Will you be starting the Leica M9 giveaway before Christmas?

  • Chris G.

    Its weird, I don,t know if this is me. I made a comment on photo remours but not on the leica site. Haven’t been contacted. I dont even need this book.

  • LR admin

    No it is not you, there was another Chris who entered the giveaway with the name Chris but since there were multiple readers with the same name, I used his last name initials (I could see his full email address). I will not publish the full name of the winner because of privacy concerns.
    Make sense now?

  • viki

    Amazon is not selling the book now. :-/ Out of stock. :’-(

  • Chris G.

    Sorry, I wasn’t sure. Thanks For all the great work you do. love your site!

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