Another M8.2 in white

There has been few sightings of this rare white M8.2 - here is another one (the original white limited edition was a M8).

M8.2 in WHITE

M8.2 in WHITE
Originally uploaded by TK / SILLY THING™

Several white Leica M8 cameras are available on eBay.

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  • David

    What was the original price of the M8.0 white? I saw one sold on eBay for $5,010. I assume that is much lower than whatever it sold for new. Unlike film cameras that can appreciate with time, digital cameras, regardless of limited or unlimited edition, depreciates like a rock when the next gen comes out.

  • Peter

    In the background are an Apple keyboard and mouse. How one aviods getting a white keyboard all dirty with use, I do not know. Isn’t the same true for a camera? Wear cotton gloves?

  • Eric Pepin

    I think eventually a white leica m8.2 will be worth a whole lot more then it is now. Once the technology has advanced so far that these kinds of cameras are only for collectors then the price will no dout go right back up.

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