Compressed Leica M9 DNG photos on Apple’s iPad: “snappy”

I was curious to see how the new iPad from Apple will handle compressed DNG files from the M9. I transferred 84 photos (each 18.3MB in size) via iTunes and the results are illustrated in the video below - I did not see any delay rendering the pictures whatsoever. The iPad has a 9.7-inch, 768x1024 pixel backlit LED screen with 132 pixels per inch and photos look great on it. Apple also has a SD card reader as an accessory which will make photo transfer even easier, especially when traveling. I haven't tested full size, uncompressed DNG files yet, but I expect the results to be the same.

I cannot wait until we get an iPad version of Lightroom or Aperture 🙂

(The video will look much better few hours from now - I just uploaded it on YouTube)

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  • AK

    Do the DNGs have the jpeg previews in them like NEFs? I’m thinking thats why they load so fast.

  • leicamonster

    ipad support RAW. awesome machine.

  • Bruce

    iPad no USB drive. Crippled expansion possibilities.

    As for “I haven’t tested full size, uncompressed DNG files yet, but I expect the results to be the same.”… what is the basis for that statement? Great if true, but…

    I’m waiting for the 2.0 version because it is still not sufficiently featured to leave the laptop at home. Nice effort but I’m happy to let the early adopters earn Apple their investment return.

  • chris

    what makes you think that the full dng files are being handled there? normally itunes processes photos for upload to an iphone or ipod, and i assume it is doing the same for the ipad. it is actually still fairly impressive, but i would like to confirm that the full dng files are being transferred to the ipad and also whether those files are being displayed in real time. i strongly suspect that they aren’t.

  • LR admin

    Bruce & Chris, once I get a SD card reader I will try a direct transfer of full size DNG and will let you know. Regarding version 2.0 – v.3.0 will be even better, etc so the question is how long are you willing to wait.

  • David

    @ Bruce: You can buy a USB connector for $29 (which also includes the SD card reader).

    @LR: you don’t need to limit your motions to just using one finger, in case that gets tiring. You might also want to try using multiple fingers to rotate photos, etc. The multi-touch gesture GUI is very versatile.

  • M!

    pretty dumb video. the things he was trying to show could have been done and over in a minute, not 5.

    @LR, are you sure there will be lightroom for the ipad?
    it looks like apple is trying to kill adobe by not including flash, and adobe just retaliated by siding with HP in their slate video.

  • maiko

    Even if the iPad would read the DNG (I doubt it), it’s converting them into a different format (probably png) as soon as they’re loaded into the iPad.

  • maiko

    oh… and by the way…
    relax your fingers… It’s an iPad… it doesn’t work with pressure 😉

  • Olaf

    Is the touching just as annoying in real life as it looks on the video?
    It just never does what you want.

  • BO

    Good news if this is actual – if I can use the iPad with the SD card reader as a travel HD would be great, then I can drop images to the iPad and keep the SD card for backup… and have email. would work for me.

    Yeah, really how many car pictures do it take to demonstrate a point.? 😉

    Good post, keep em coming.


  • LR admin

    Bo, my local Apple store doesn’t have the camera kit yet (i just called them today again to check). I will get it once available and will post another video with full size DNG, directly transferred to the iPad – then we will know for sure how does the iPad handle them. I did not take those pictures specifically for that video – I just got back from a trip and those cars were parked in front of the hotel where I was staying.

  • maiko

    But is there any App available in the AppStore who handles DNGs?

    I testet it by myself and the Photo application on the iPad definitely converts the pictures (not sure if the DNGs or just the jpg) to png and reduces the resolution.
    So this is nothing else than a preview.

    @Olaf: No, the iPad touch sensor is quite responsive. I guess LR admin is used to conventional touch surfaces where you need to apply a certain amount of pressure. It takes some time to get used to the capacitive surface the iPad uses. But then it’s great.

  • LR admin

    Yes, the video was taken only few hours after I got the iPad, I was not used to it yet. The touchscreen works perfect.

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