Leica related links (Leica Freedom Train)

  • "Ernst Leitz Optische Werke Wetzlar" short film directed by Oskar Barnack (1932). From the description:

"A portrait of the Leitz factory. Following a view of Wetzlar and the Leitz factory from Kalsmunt, the film introduces several departments of the company: milling, engraving, lens cutting, and adjusting. The film also shows the assembly of a microscope and a Leica. This Leica eventually allows to date the film: it is a Leica 1, production of which was stopped in 1932, when it was replaced by a camera with exchangeable objective lenses."

  • Leica Freedom Train:

"The Leica Freedom Train was a rescue effort in which hundreds of Jews were smuggled out of Nazi Germany before the Holocaust by Ernst Leitz of the Leica camera company, and his daughter Elsie Kuehn-Leitz".

Read more about it on Wikipedia:

Leica Freedom Train from Rich Brimer on Vimeo.

  • For our German readers: another Leica documentary in German language after the break (probably 2 years old):

Leica Documentation from cameradoku on Vimeo.

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