Don’t sell your Leica R lenses yet

I would suggest that you wait till Photokina (September, 2010) before you sell your Leica R lenses.

Leica R lenses prices went down in price on eBay in the past 12 months but I think this will change very soon.

As I already mentioned before, Leica did promise a R solution on a digital body and I suspect that this solution will have something to do with the rumored Leica EVIL camera. Another flashback: Stefan Daniel said in one of the old video interviews that going the DSLR route for Leica "is like jumping in a pool full of sharks" (the S2 is a DSLR but in a different category). The only way to provide an R solution without going the DSLR route is to go mirrorless (EVIL=Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens). I also think that Leica will produce few new lenses, specifically designed for that new EVIL camera/system.

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  • Nobody Special

    Sounds like you may have heard more – but either way – I have to agree.

  • StevePuff

    Unfortunately, this will NOT be the case, sorry.

  • dicko

    Did leica buy up some huge production facility no one’s aware of?

  • maiko

    “there will be no R10 from Leica, but there will be a good solution that allows us to use our R-lenses on a digital body”… sounds like an adapter ring for the M System.

  • Bernard

    Adapter rings are available already. The problem is that the M9 doesn’t have live view, which makes focusing difficult.

    I like the idea of making a distinct AF EVIL camera that can take R lenses rather than adding a bunch of “features” to the M9. The last thing Leica needs is an M10 that’s bloated with mostly useless gadgets (external electronic viewfinder, in-body AF, live view, etc).

  • maiko

    There is an adapter ring for R9 lenses on M from Leica?

  • LR admin

    I am not aware of such adapter. I do not think the rumored EVIL camera will take M lenses – if true, the EVIL camera will be a direct competitor with the M line and Leica will not allow that to happen. Maybe adapters will be provided by third parties. In addition, Leica will try to push few newly designed lenses with this new solution.
    Of course it is all speculations at that point.

  • Bernard

    Leica used to sell an adapter (#22228) for 1 & 2 cam R lenses on M bodies. It’s really only useful for lenses that can be scale-focused, such as fisheyes and other ultrawides.

    Similar adapters are available from the usual sources (Novoflex, various Ebay dealers, etc).

    I don’t think the EVIL camera would take M lenses either, because that would mean using a sensor with offset microlenses. Some of the newer retrofocus M lenses wouldn’t need this, but most would. I think it’s much more likely that the new camera will have a scaled-up Panasonic 4/3 sensor that includes live view and perhaps video.

  • Nobody Special

    On a note of production capability; Leica is in the process of moving into a brand new facility in Wetzlar (Leitz Park) that will bring all things together – production, research, etc., that likely will mean additional volume.

    For those of us that have been through numerous frustrations (especially R users) over the last decades, the new Leica owners are on track – yes it’s all speculation. But Leica has never left any of it’s users behind so on that alone, I think it’s a pretty easy decision for them to have an outlet for R glass that would likely also include some new lenses. In short, it would be contrary to their history and philosophy not to.

  • fiatlux

    I understand that adapting R lenses on an EVIL camera would probably be a more practical solution than mounting them on an M9: on the latter, focus would have to be guessed as it lacks Live View.

    But I doubt Leica would release an EVIL which could take R lenses and M lenses before long through third-party adapters. That would be potentially dangerous for the M9.

  • me

    “On a note of production capability; Leica is in the process of moving into a brand new facility in Wetzlar (Leitz Park) that will bring all things together – production, research, etc., that likely will mean additional volume.”

    Sorry man… Do you know anything about Leicas current Situation? I don’t think so reading your post above.

    1.) Leica is not in a moving process. That means, Leica ist still working at the Solms facilities.

    2.) Leica already has all thing together from research to packaging. Everything can be done in Solms. All in one place. Were u ever there?

    3.) They are working on several new lenses (for M and S system) and new compact DSCs. NO EVIL. NO Solution for R lenses.

  • It’s a pitty that the R10 ( digital) will not be made,
    For example i would be one of the first to buy it 🙂

    Just to get rid of my Eos to Leica adapters :)..


  • maiko


    Oh WOW… a fanboy who had a factory tour and came home with a bag full of company secrets including the complete strategy for the next few years.

  • Nobody Special

    High there ‘me’…..

    Gee, so much attitude. The information I mentioned has already been put out from quotes on the ‘net, from Leica staff. Yes, they are still at Solms, they are in the ‘process’ of building/moving into a new facility, look it up if you wish. No, haven’t been to Solms – Wetzlar once some years ago, as if any of that makes a difference. Oh, they are working on a solution for R lens users as mentioned by corporate brass.

    Maybe you can give some more details on the new equipment then,,,and have a great day.

  • me

    Yes guys. Honestly I don’t know anything about Leica anyway. But try to beat done prices for used lenses. Has anyone Apo-Macro-Elamrit-R 100mm for me? Would pay 500 bucks…

  • Anonymous

    It’d be great to see a square-sensor electronic viewfinder body. It would differentiate the line from the dSLRs crowd, and sensor sizes are so high that cropped 3:2 images wouldn’t lose much res.

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