Leica M10 concept

Leica M10 concept designed by Mizanur Rahman:

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  • lolque

    this gonna make m9 sale go even higher!

  • Sam

    I like the big screen, hopefully Leica will do something similar (for the screen I mean).

  • joel

    Wow – a M10 camera that looks like a point and shoot. No rangefinder either. Or a shutter dial So I guess it’s just a mislabeled V-Lux idea and really has no conenction with the M line.
    but my favorite bit is the Leica logo on the back so everytime you take a picture you can be reminded that – oh yeah it’s a leica.
    It’s an interesting concept – sort of pretend industrial

  • Bill

    This my first post and I am really sorry but I could not resist…Mr. Rahman, this camera is f(beep)ing UGLY. I really hope the M10 will not look like this and I will definitely buy this.

  • one word … UGLY

  • Anonymous

    Kill it with fire.

  • maxim

    will never buy

  • Would have been a hit in the Art Deco era. I think I have an Argus that looks similar.

  • One word – UGH!

  • Declan Cahill

    Butt Ugly – No LikeA;
    Steve Jobs will never want to
    compare an iPhone to this 🙂

  • M!

    I’m sorry but the designer of this concept failed.
    The basis of the Leica M cannot be found anywhere on this concept.
    Anyone who are used to their film M and hold on to this M10 concept will be alienated. besides the huge display, i can’t see any element that Leica will incorporate in its future products.
    may be that huge red self destruct button.

  • Jahksdjas

    Wow, monster ugly!

  • Stephen B

    Can they just put the D3X sensor in it, weather seal it and be done with it. They would not have to make a new version for a decade.

  • Chris

    A great way to kill off 50 years of classic cameras…Yuk!!!

  • Hans

    Looks just like my m9, just perfect… Thumbs DOWN.

  • Yang

    Putting a pre-asph summilux 50 onto the camera, the ratio would mean that the camera is taller and thicker than any M before it.

    Of course the screen will be bigger, but why do you need a huge screen anyway… unless you want to use live view

  • I thought it was pretty sweet

  • John

    That is one…ugly…mother…f@%&er

  • Mikael

    Clearly designed by somebody who has never used a Leica M. Total lack of understanding for the brand and design cues.

  • Leicaphile

    Any Panasonic made Leica camera looks better than this M10 concept LOL…

  • Max

    Does anyone think that by the M10 Leica might have the technology to create a body the size of an MP? Or even smaller? Keep the mount, design and quality and keep reducing the height, width and depth (by small amounts obviously).

  • B

    The design looks more like something that I would expect from RED video cameras along with their cheezy fOakley advertising style like the incorporation of a “mysterium” sensor, use of “unobtainium” and other non-sense.

    No offense to the Mr. Rahman but I surely hope that the M10 looks nothing remotely similar to that. The camera looks huge, chunky and unrefined. Even the S1 from 1997 has better asthetics than this M10 concept. It has lost the M-pedigree, the RF optics, compactness, refined aesthetics and everything else that make the M-series great camears.

  • Lorentso

    stop waste your time, Minazur.
    this concept is a totally no-sense.
    change job, plaese.

  • Comte de Mazan

    A kind of Kodak Bantam….

  • Eric Pepin

    God i hope not.

  • R!


  • Nobody Special

    Design for the sake of design, and as said (more or less) previously, nothing really there that makes a Leica a Leica.

    The hardest part of designing a lineage product is to incorporate elements that connect with the philosophy and identity of the brand.

  • designed

    I can already hear the joke. “So, one night, a Leica M9 and a Kodak Bantam Special got really drunk…”


  • Frankie

    Back to the drawing board with this awful design; Leica. That’s all I have to say.
    To be honest; this is the worst thing I’ve seen from Leica.

  • Margaux

    This is not realistic. While it’s novel to enhance the ergonomy of the grip, it barely justifies the extraneous ornamentation (which would collect dust!) it’s just TRYING to be different for the sake of novelty.

    The rear would be interesting it the screen offers touchscreen control surface though.

    Why can’t we seriously have a four thirds 12Mp update on the Digilux platform?

  • LR admin

    Frankie, this design is not affiliate with Leica AG in any way.

  • Gs

    this is horrible. A college leaver design who has not studied his case if not very superficially!!
    horrible stuff and i a glad “this is not affiliate with Leica AG”.

  • Anonymous

    I do like it also provide an optical viewfinder.


  • chris

    complete failure in every way. far too big; grip runs the wrong way, making it both ugly and *still* easy to drop; huge shutter release guarantees imprecision, and lots of misfires; no shutter speed dial (to say nothing of iso speed dial) means loss of fundamental controls which are the essence of leica photography, and almost the only remaining reason to choose a leica over other options; thumbwheel in wrong place; topside corners actually lethal weapons in at least 7 states, conveniently located 3.2 millimeters from eyeball; tiny, *recessed* vf: way too many logos; did i mention ugly as stupid can possibly get?

    this bears more genetic resemblance to several toasters i’ve owned than to any leica camera. the “designer” obviously is not a photographer–let him go flog this nonsense over at casio, leave real camera designs to someone who knows what goes into making a picture. either that matters to the design, in which case he’s disqualified himself, or it is irrelevant to the design, in which case why would he want to be a designer again in the first place?

  • Kodak bantam? No, wrong… its a Leica Batman Special!!! 🙂

    (even a M5 was better… sorry for that M5 guys)

  • oskar

    the bozo who designed that horror, hasn’t a minimal clue what a LEICA M camera is about.

  • Frankie

    I own and use Leica cameras, lenses, and all sorts of accessories made by leica. As a Leica photographer myself, I am mortified with this L10 concept design. Leica must be pulling our collective legs on this one. I hope it’s just only a gag from Leica to get some reactionary comments from owners and would be owners alike. I was just surfing and spotted this site and just had to comment again. Would’nt touch it; let alone purchase this monstrosity. There; I got it off my chest!
    Hey Leica, you started this mystic.

  • Ben

    Ugly, bulky… I don’t see any improvments in term of aesthetics or handling. Design should have a purpose as its source. What was the purpose here?

  • Frankie

    HEY LR admin, thank you for that info. What a releif.

  • Anonymous

    Ugly as hell. Does this person even use a camera? Does he even know what a rangefinder is? What an SLR is?

  • Paolo

    I agree with general sentiment of the comments here, but to be fair, it appears the person who created this is barely out of university and has little experience. Based on this design it’s also pretty clear he is not a photographer. So, I’d cut the kid some slack. If anything, I’d question why this was deemed worthy of posting in the first place…

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