Steve Jobs on the new iPhone 4: “It’s like a beautiful old Leica camera”

Update - here is the actual video:

This is what Steve Jobs said just few minutes ago when he was describing the new iPhone 4:

10:32AM "You gotta see this in person. This is beyond the doubt, the most precise thing, and one of the most beautiful we've ever made. Glass on the front and back, and steel around the sides. It's like a beautiful old Leica camera."

Via Engadget

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  • Stephen B

    Yeah I picked up on the Leica comment too. Can Apple just do the right thing and get together. Just imagine a cheeky little Leica lens on a iPhone. Even one made by Panasonic (to exacting Leica standards) would do. Game over.

  • its like a beautiful Leica- with limited data plans.

  • BillV

    You mean the new iPhone will be as unreliable as my old M3 and M4-2! I dumped them in the late 1980s, since they spent time in Leica’s repair shop at least twice a year.

  • ysr

    Thats an insult to Leica! :/

  • I have a IIIf (an “old beautiful Leica camera”) I’ve tourned it many times and I don’t see the glass on the back. Maybe I am missing something? 😉

  • dicko

    What he means in that in 40 years’ time, we will still be using our iphone 4s and looking up serial numbers on a compiled list and be able to see “…my iPhone left the Chinese factory on July 22, 2011 in a batch of 200,000…” just like I do with my M4.

  • LR admin

    LOL, this is funny!

  • Ken Elliott

    Yeah, except my 50-year-old Leica is working fine, and my 1.5 year old iPhone is starting to fail. As with others, my Bluetooth headset has to be within 2 feet (.7m) to work without excessive static. Lots of things starting to go wrong – yet I’m still 6 months away from the contract ending.

    Remember when Steve said the iPod HiFi was better than his home stereo? Yeah…. How’s that POS doing today?

  • 1.5 years Ken? Wow, you are very lucky. My Iphone G3 lasts only 3 days…. 3 DAYS! (Now I know what 3 stand for). After that period o time the wifi goes wrong and then many things were bad. It’s kind of self destructive. After 3 months I sold it for pieces (not for $3 hopefully). So yes… like a beautiful Leica camera…jaja. Mine is from 1954 and it’s like new and I shoot all time with it.

    In fact, finally I found the glass on the back… is the little double window for viewfinder-rangefinder… 🙂 You could me told that guys.

  • Did a little photo-gallery comparing the features on the two. Reminded me how beautiful those leicas are

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