In addition to D-Lux 5, Leica will release another Panasonic based compact camera at Photokina

Based on previous release patterns, a new Leica D-Lux 5 is pretty much guaranteed to be released for Photokina. In addition, Leica is excepted to introduce a second Panasonic based camera with a fixed lens. The rumor is that this camera will be a high-end model, but there is no reference which Panasonic version will be used as a base. Looking at the current 2010 Panasonic camera line-up, potential candidates are the DMC-FZ100K and DMC-FZ40K models which could turn out be the successor to the Leica V-Lux 1.

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  • Max

    Oh my godness, I want a D-LUX 5 soo bad, i was close to get the D-LUX 4 but I’m waiting the beginning of the photokina, I believe I can wait some more days now. I guess it would be out during october, if the rumor becomes true of course :/

  • Nobody Special

    That’s nice for Leica. But many will be VERY disappointed if a FF R solution isn’t introduced.

    • Eric Pepin

      id bet most of those people moved on long ago, I would love to buy a nice R film slr though and a nice 35.

  • Leica

    DLux5 is two ago,it would replace the DLux 6

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