Leica has never used real ostrich leather on their products

I received a clarification from Leica regarding the Leica X1 Black Embossed Ostrich Limited Edition camera that was released in Japan last week and specifically the comment from PETA regarding the use of ostrich leather:

"I just wanted to let you know that this product is not made from real ostrich leather – it is an ‘ostrich effect’. We have never used ostrich leather on our products, and we have now confirmed this to the PETA organisation."

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  • bill

    Hmm… so leather from farmed cows is OK but leather from farmed ostriches isn’t… Wouldn’t it be nice if Leica worried more about the X1 AF speed than the huffing/puffing of the PETA crowd and the drooling of the Gucci crowd?

    • Manne

      Completely agree.

  • Scott

    Not real ostrich? Bah, count me out.

  • Bob

    How about a baby seal fur Leica? With ivory tusk shutter release. That’d be a collector’s item, no doubt. And sell it through Willoughby’s while Leica’s at it.

  • John Bowen

    Congratulations, Leica, you big weenies. You’ve just guaranteed that I will never own one of your overpriced products.

    Had you the guts to tell the PETARDS to get bent, I might have considered it.

  • Michael

    Fake breasts, Fake crabmeat, now Fake Leicas?
    What is the worls coming to?

  • Umm, can someone tell me why my Leica has feathers coming out of the covering then?

  • M!

    very ridiculous.
    no real ostrich skin? how about just putting an iphone4 underneath there while they are at it.

  • Kikou

    What!? it’s a limited and so expensive edition and it’s not real ostrich leather! come on 😀

  • Bob

    If I pay so much money for a camera I demand that animals are killed for it. 😀

  • I don’t care what it’s made out of, thoughI am a little glad it’s not real leather (who the hell wants their sweaty hands all over leather that you can’t change out? That could get gross). I think it’s dumb that they affirmed anything to PETA, PETA can go suck on an egg for all I care; they get what they want through coercion and misdirection.

  • Chaz

    screw PETA

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