Leica M9 Hermès limited edition

Since the introduction of the Leica M9 on 09.09.09, I have seen only two different limited editions of the M9: the first one was for Amateur Photographer magazine and the second one was on display in Tokyo.

This is the Leica M9 Hermès Limited Edition - probably a custom made piece, not related to the Titanium Leica M9 that will be released for Photokina next week.

Via Hiroshi Fujiwara's Blog

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  • zd

    Wow… they managed to make an ugly Leica. The brown-on-black look of it defies all the beauty of a Leica, including the fact that it will seat on shelves for years to come.

    • manne

      There are multi-billion-Dollar companies that specialize in ‘extended shelf life’. 😉

  • I’m shocked to see this. Is not the colors… is the bad finish. Look at the cut of that leather on the back on the second pic (specially downwards)… awful!

  • That is one ugly Leica. The last Hermes edition was absolutely gorgeous (M8 or M7?). This is embarrassing in a wearing brown shoes with your black suit sort of way.

  • M!

    i agree with the horrific finish. what is wrong with hermes?
    This is truly HUMILIATING for them.
    Hiroshi Fujiwara is cool btw.

  • yorick carroux

    …homemade fake!!

  • M!

    it does look like homemade fake.
    however, it is hiroshi fujiwara, and he did mention in his blog that he had this custom ordered from hermes, and he went to collect it while he was viewing the murakami opening at versailles. so no, it is authentic hermes. very disappointing.

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