“Leica Design Preview” on Monday

l-camera-blog posted some more pictures of the invitation for the "Leica Design Preview" that will take place on Monday:

A quick Google search for Walter de Silva shows that he is currently the man in charge of all Volkswagen Group design.

The previously shown picture from the stamp of the invitation is probably taken from the expected Leica M9 Titanium, which is rumored to have a slightly different design that a regular M9 (specifically the top plate).

The best way to get live coverage of Monday's event is to follow @LeicaForum on Twitter - they will be tweeting from the event . David Farkas will probably also be covering the on his blog. I will be posting updates here starting at 2pm EST (8 pm CET) on Monday.

Leica is expected to announce at least three products at Photokina (D-Lux 4, V-Lux 2, Titanium M9). There is still no solid evidence of a new EVIL system camera or any type of a R solution.

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  • Nobody Special

    It could (the top plate) relate one Kaufmann’s comments about a different finder idea that goes beyond just optical…..

    and still more – they may be introducing that, but why would they on a special edition? Perhaps to follow up with the new tech in ‘normal’ bodies. But that, IMO, doesn’t make sense. I can imagine the traditional M crowd screaming ‘e-gads!’ if it’s just the top plate, but not so with a new styled body with a different designation. I’ll be happy to eat (all) my words if I’m wrong, but to me, an R solution is still the most likely as there are M9 deliveries still outstanding, and I wouldn’t be very happy if they showed a new animal based on what I was still waiting for. An M9 Titanium, sure, but not a brand new M design or modified design.

    And how does Leica not think of that coming into the world’s biggest imaging show?

  • Shaner

    I am going to tear someone’s head off if there’s a T9 and no R solution. As it sits now, there is a 7000 dollar hole in the product line between the X1 and an M9 (with cron prime). If they do not introduce a machine in that vast product line hole, then Nikon and Canon should send Leica flowers with a note that says: “Thanks for staying out of the way and giving me all of the sales in this price-point… AGAIN.”

    If they release a T9 and no machine between $2k and $9k (for ANOTHER year) I will be absolutely in shock. I will sit here in incredulity. It would be like Ford selling a Pinto and a Lincoln, and nothing in between. GM and Dodge would be dancing for joy.

    • Nobody Special

      Agreed, and you forgot to mention giving N & C a chance to get ahead with any new competitive designs to go along with the price point.

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