Leica M9 limited edition silver chrome set with sapphire glass now available

The Leica M9 limited edition silver chrome body has sapphire glass and comes with a Leica 35mm f/2 Summicron lens. The kit is now available at the Leica Boutique in Palm Beach (phone: 561.253.2605). The full details:

  • Silver chrome body
  • Only 50 cameras were produced (the pictured camera has a serial #037 out of 050)
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
  • Leica Summicron 35mm f/2 silver chrome lens
  • Brown ostrich leather
  • Matching custom ostrich brown leather strap
  • Includes Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3
  • 2-year warranty
  • Price: $12,950

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  • Boy, that brown ostrich leather is ugly.

  • Mistral75

    It looks like a copy of the “Neiman Marcus” Limited Edition, which you advertised early October:



    But, at $12,950, it’s a real bargain compared to the $17,500 requested in October ;D

    Was the difference the price of the “personal letter from Leica CEO Alfred Schopf and private training and orientation session“? 😉

    • Huggs

      Dropping the price over 5K makes me wonder what the true value of an M9 really is-or any Leica.

  • Tom

    I guess they couldn’t sell them – still a great deal compared to buying it from Neiman Marcus!

  • M!!

    wow. this is embarrassing.

    may be they figured out it is not real ostrich leather….
    or not real silver chrome…
    or not real sapphire glass… ??

    luckily they did not engrave “Neiman Marcus X’mas Book Edition 2010” on the poor M9.

  • Huggs

    I can’t wait to see another company come out with an affordable, practical digital rangefinder.

  • Nobody Special

    Well I’m totally underwhelmed by another example of Leicas’ feet stuck in the concrete ideas of how to make money, which they obviously must need. I always thought that special editions were supposed to celebrate a model that has sold a certain amount or been in service for years.

    Leica needs to realize they have an up-hill battle ahead of them by having only the M and S line-up to sell to advanced amateurs and pros. They vaulted 40 years worth of Leica customers when they canned them and the promise of the digital R – a tremendously bad idea – how can vaulting loyal customers result in more sales?

    Too bad for Leica, becase as one of those R users for 40 years (and M’s) I have lost all faith and patience with them. Maybe they’ll pull one out of their hats and reinvent themselves in a ever-increasingly tight market-place, but I’m not betting on it, though I would be willing to bet on a drop of M sales sooner than later and drop in company profits as well. But they can always sell another niche’ fancy collectable, right?

    • Buba

      Leica is a company that has entered the 21st century with 21st century products. The full frame M-9 is an outstanding success. With sales more than double their most optimistic predictions, Leica still has over 1,000 M-9s on back order for the US market alone. It is priced lower than both Canon & Nikon full frame pro cameras and you won’t get a hernia carrying it around all day. The S-2 medium format SLR performs as well or even better than the Fujiblad at less money and more than comparable optics. They have wisely partnered with Panasonic for the point and shoot market with enough upgrades to make them uniquely Leica. Leica is now profitable and will continue to grow with innovative products and unparalleled quality. I for one will continue to use Leica.

      • I agree with everything Buba said, but am still not thrilled with this particular limited edition. That said, Leica has always sold out all of their limited edition cameras; it’s not clear to me that any of these limited edition cameras contribute any dilution of the Leica brand, so I am puzzled as to why people woudl question any company, including Leica, for selling products for which there is a demand. Many ppl also laughed at Porsche when they began selling SUVs, and lo and behold, it is their highest selling model by volume.

      • Nobody Special

        Nothing personal, but it sounds like you work for Leica or have drank the Kool-aid. I’ve drank plenty of Leica Kool-aid through the years – even passed up an offer to work for them years ago. But the Kool-aid has gone gone sour with the cancellation of a digital R solution and the promise that went with it. Many R users ha been hanging on Leica’s promises for years now and are not at all happy with how the new owners decided to throw us all under the bus.

        The M system is ‘smaller’ than C or N but it’s a different beast and nowhere as versatile as them. The S camera is an excellent camera with a very specialised market segment – a segment that has yet to completely ‘buy’ into it. Where the innovative products?

        Seriously. What are they? The Panaleicas are Panasonic innovations with Leica optics; they are not Leica designed cameras or innovations. Adapting a 1950’s rangefinder to a digital sensor may be an upgrade to the 21st Century and the S2 is hardly a new design concept either.

        As much as as I am a second generation Leica user that has used other companies products, I am not blind to the fact that those companies (C and N) have never completely dropped a product so completely as Leica has done without a viable replacement or upgrade. That is very thin ice for any company – especially a specialzed one like Leica – to tread on – a couple of excellent products in a low volume market is not necessarily a good business plan. I hope they make it, but the S instead of R idea is a really bad first step.

        • Mistral75

          I am not blind to the fact that those companies (C and N) have never completely dropped a product so completely as Leica has done without a viable replacement or upgrade.

          What about the Canon FD lenses? 😉

          • Nobody Special

            Canon did have a viable replacement; the EOS system. No it didn’t take FD lenses; but it was a viable, useable, replacement. Leica has none for the R system – nothing – not another camera, or FF 35 digital or film system to replace it – as they had REPEATEDLY PROMISED. They have made that fact into more than a ‘get over it, and buy the new idea we have for you’, they didn’t say anything that would be called a press release about the change of mind that would leave us hanging in the wind.

            Frankly, I’ve seen Leica let off easy for years because of their optical prowess. But after spending over 15K on the R system, I (and others) have a hard time not feeling that Leica has worn out their excuses. They’ve made a choice that permanently alienated thousands of long-term customers. All because someone has money to buy a company doesn’t mean they know how to make wise business decisions.

      • I doubt there is still a 1000 M-9s on back order for the US market alone, amazon has them in stock for regular price and this has been going on for few weeks now.

  • gosh

    One word comes up in my mind => LOL

    • WaterEngineer

      I have been in the Palm Beach store several times. Undoubtedly, this limited edition will sell at this location – within a stones throw of some of the worlds wealthiest people.

      Unfortunately, with that crowd, it will likely never reach its full capability because it will be used as an accessory not a camera.

  • AM*shoots*SF

    Fuji X100 = the new leica. If it’s half as good as expected and at $1000.

    Leica is pissing away it’s mid range market. X1 is SOL once x100 makes it’s appearance.

    Come march 2011 I’m shit canning my dlux3 and getting the x100. Adios stupidos that do not listen to their core customer base. But perhaps some blown up lip, “real housewife” barbie-bimbo from palm beach will accessorize with an ostrich skin m9.

    • Tyson

      X100 has a fixed lens. It is not even in the same realm as a digital rangefinder.

      Though I do agree with one thing, you probably should “shit can” your Panasonic LX3 with a red dot pasted on.

      • AM*shoots*SF

        What does it matter? It’s a great p&s. Got good deal on it used, and can now sell for same price…red dot has great resale value. About the only thing red dot has going for it in the lower end.

  • Nobody Special

    There are a lot of good comments here.

    It was kind of cementing moment for Leica when they had their Titanium M Party at Photokina. It was quite obvious that they truly believed that everyone would be impressed. But for most, it was, ‘that’s it?’ ‘Nothing about the R replacement or R solution they’ve spoken of?’

    There wasn’t anything humbling about the big -shots; they really had a look on their faces of – aren’t we special! This is a modern era that exists within a fast moving market driven by fast evolving technology. As was mentioned above, they have a very thinto little mid-ranged market. I’m thinking Steven Lee was fired from Leica because he had ideas that would have addressed that market (even though it has been said that he said too much about the FF M camera) and he was a spoken advocate of the R system.

    Maybe that’s all ‘rumors’ but he was hired because of his mass-market knowledge. Either way, Leica took a different direction. Yes, the M9 is an excellent camera, but what they do with their next effort better be a well thought out plan. Look at what Nikon did with the new 7000, it’s a well-built serious mid-ranged camera and Leica has the X1 that is a capable, slow, non-interchangeable lensed camera, then throw in the as yet tested Fuji that seems to have taken Leicas’ fire – well, Leica will have it’s hands full if Fuji has shown them up.

    • AM*shoots*SF


      • Nobody Special


    • Huggs

      The thing is the X100 isn’t a real rangefinder, imo. Now, my redux of a Rollei XF35 or something similar would be cool to see.

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