Auto lens cap for Leica D-Lux 4/5

I went ahead and bought the auto lens cap for Leica D-Lux 5. The cap is made of plastic but it fits well on the front lens thread (you will have to remove the protective ring first). The hinges are very loose but they do open and close smoothly when the lens extends/retracts. Using this cap will give you a fast response to sudden photo opportunities.

The cap can be purchased from eBay if you search for "auto lens cap Leica" or "auto lens cap Panasonic". Here is a quick video of how it works:

Full list of all available auto lens caps after the break:

  • ALC-1 is for Ricoh GX
  • ALC-2 is for Sigma
  • ALC-3 is for Panasonic LX3 (D-Lux4)
  • ALC-3s is also for Panasonic LX3
  • ALC-4 is for Ricoh GXR
  • ALC-5 is for LX5 (D-Lux 5)
  • ALC-6 is for Samsung
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  • Josh

    I use this on my D-Lux 5 and it works like a charm. I couldn’t imagine using my camera without it.

    • WHen you tip it forward, does the cap open? Or does it remain closed?

  • Dalai

    I bought one for my D-Lux-4 but it would not work without the bits of black foam padding the ridges on the back of each blade. The foam that was included came right off, but fortunately didn’t fall into the lens and stick to it! How did you solve this?

    • You probably used the Ricoh version for your D-Lux 4:

      The one I bought is specifically made for LX5/D-Lux 5 and you don’t need any foam.

      • On the package I bought there are actually different caps models for the different cameras:

        ALC-1 is for Ricoh GX
        ALC-2 is for Sigma
        ALC-3 is for Panasonic LX3
        ALC-3s is also for Panasonic LX3
        ALC-4 is for Ricoh GXR
        ALC-5 is for LX5
        ALC-6 is for Samsung

  • Eric Hendriks

    What an ugly piece of plastic shit, terrible!

  • D

    It actually works really well. I bought one off EBay and it survived a trip no problem. Seems flimsy but not really a problem . Color matches the LX5 quite well and looks almost like a perfect match. When the petals are open, the camera does look a bit weird, but I do not think anyone really cares.

  • Ric

    Bought this for my D-Lux4. didn’t fit. sent it back. they were very cooperative.

  • Steven

    This isn’t a lens cap for the 4 and 5. There are separate versions for each. I bought this on the recommendation of this post and it did not fit my D-Lux 4. On the back was a list of the different versions for different cameras.

    You should change the post. It is inaccurate.

    • I mentioned the different models in a comment above, I will add them to the post.

  • LeicaKory

    I purchased the JCC lens cap for my D-Lux 5 and after a week of use I have to say I am impressed. The camera still fits in my Leica-brand brown leather case (item 18723), though it is a significantly tighter fit that I am hoping will loosen just a bit over time.

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