Leica M9 Titanium limited edition now shipping

The Leica M9 Titanium is now shipping to authorized dealers. The limited edition designed by Walter de'Silva was announced during Photokina. The set contains a 35mm Summilux lens, shoulder holster, carrying strap plus finger loops and two books illustrating the design process (some of the prototypes can be seen here). Another novelty of this limited M9 edition are sapphire crystal glass on the LCD screen and the LED illuminated frame lines (see picture after the break). Only 500 pieces were produced and currently the Leica Boutique in Palm Beach has one in stock.

This is how the LED illuminated frame lines of the M9 Titanium look like:


More info about the Leica M9 limited edition can be found on Leica's website. Here is the video presentation from Photokina:

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  • Nobody Special

    Finally!!!!!!!! I can’t remember when I haven’t been wondering when Leica would ship the Uber MT9…..designed by Walter de’Silva!!!!!!!

    Okay, that’s not really true. Hey the main feeling and wondering I’ve had about Leica is how, as an R system user, they screwed me over with empty promises, I’m not the only one, but that fact of having compnay doesn’t really help either.

    Yes, they’ll make money on this nonsense – yes, it has what is supposed to be the next generation M range/frame/viewfinder system, which has to be powered up to see. But I digress. Being a second generation Leica user of both M and R systems who loves the optic quality I have to ask myself; ‘why should I continue with purchases of a high end product from a company whose words can no longer can be trusted?’

    Meaning, the old saying of ‘fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’, from this view, Leica has yet to give me any reason to buy new products, and showing a limited availability product does nothing to convince me that investing my hard earned money in their product line is worth-while any longer. Forty years worth of expense on the R system out the window

    But Walter de’Silva designed it! Thanks Leica, it’s just what I’ve been waiting for.

    • Huggs

      I see what you’re saying. I’ve never used a Leica but I am interested in rangefinders. They have the digital rangefinder niche by the balls and they know it. They’ve latched on to it because there is no competition.

  • dino

    Man this thing exudes luxury all around !

  • Peter

    I think Walt should stick to cars.

  • Nobody Special

    One more thing.

    Leica basically designed, or at showed a prototype/concept of autofocus back in the mid 1970’s – the board then voted not to continue on with it because, ‘Leica camera customers know how to focus manually.’

    I thought and had hoped that Andreas Kaufmann, the new owner at Leica, who knew of that decision, would have had better sense of the company and the needs of it’s loyal customers and proceed forward. Instead, it’s one step forward, two steps back to the past. Lets build a new system, the S2, and let go of the R system we have built and have customers already waiting for some kind of digital body.

    When a high-end, edge market company has a loyal following, the last thing you do is dump any of it. Maybe they’ll pull one out of a special place, and surprise everyone and maybe even get some of us back – but I’m not holding my breath.

  • AM*shoots*SF

    My next camera is a Fuji x100.

    Adios leica.

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