Leica X1 BMW limited edition camera

What does Leica and BMW have in common? The X1:

And here is the Leica X1 BMW limited edition camera:

Only 600 pieces of this limited edition Leica X1 were produced. Head over to eBay for more images. The interesting part is that the BMW logo is not imprinted on the flash like the previous “Jochen Rindt” and “Le Mans” X1 limited editions.

Via Ebay

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  • WaterEngineer

    Sure, an over priced German camera to go with your over priced German car.

    Oh, and I’m first. I guess, somehow, that is important on this forum.

    • yepI agree

      SO True!

      • preston

        yep, you’re right, he was first.

  • Nobody Special

    No, it’s not important.

    But please, will someone make or get Leica to stop this special edition nonsense!

    It’s really pretty pitiful – they have a ‘new’ special edition but can’t get the X1 firmware improvement going and out to the market? Can Leica spell P r i o r i t y?

  • C’mon, Leica! Really?

  • Not my cup of tea . . . but whatever makes money makes sense . . .

  • Axel

    What happens to the special editions that never sell? Do they peel off the top plate and skin, and make them into the next special excision?

  • Kirk

    This is getting out of hand. Leica is quickly becoming a fashion accessory brand.

  • Bjorn

    I don’t go for “matchy – match” but, I do appreciate German Engineering.

  • M!!

    omg. leica. can you focus on making good cameras and not limited editions?

    you are the only camera brand who endlessly produce limited editions.

  • Maybe this was some kind of a promotion for BMW, I did not see this model for sale anywhere.

  • Maiko

    don’t you see that these aren’t real ‘special editions’ by Leica?
    Instead Leica appears to offer some kind of customisation services for small lots of the X1…

    Nothing to be worried about and nothing which will influence the development of current of future products.

    • Nobody Special

      Oh, that possibilty makes me feel better. Oh yeh, the future – oh it’s coming – R solution, yawn. Or the firmware for the X1.

  • peter drijver

    When will the ‘Leicarumors’ special edition X1 camera appear? With synthetic sapphire release button, cangaroo-hide, rare earth Elmarit and a signed certificate in Hermes’ tan-leather portfolio?
    Buyers are queuing in Japan and Moscow -I’m told.

    • Yes, I’ll buy it !

    • this will be a good idea – with LR inside the red dot 🙂 I will ask Leica if they are wiling to do one – I may even add my personal signature 🙂

  • zwei stuck bitte ein stuck fur mich und die andere stuck fur meine frau
    viele dank

  • Gene


  • Leica is not the only one to do that ! So why jump on their back ? Even pentax, minolta, nikon, canon did it and nobody seemed to care that mch !
    Are you probably jealous because you cannot afford this brand, come on !
    Lots of people look up at this brand, like it or not, and if Leica is able to do this kind of stuff for their own sake and for rich people, why not, let’s be that way !
    Plus germany promotes german products, what is wrong with that ? Tell me where most of the stuff you are buying in the US, from tv, electronic or even shoes are being built ? Yes China….
    I think Germany builts the best of electronic machinery, from the dishwasher to cars and cameras ! It will become a collector and hurray for buyers !

    • M!!

      can you tell me the limited editions Nikon and Canon put out in year 2010? don’t know much about pentax and minolta, but please list theirs too.

      • Maiko

        Can you tell me how many official X1 limited editions has been released…?

        • M!

          @Maiko, are you asking me to answer or asking Xavier to answer? it seemed you ‘replied’ under my comment.

        • I think there are like 5-6 Leica x1 limited edition so far:

          • Maiko

            Yes, M!! is was my reply on your post.

            Everybody can order a special edition of the X1 from Leica!
            This is called customisation service and has nothing to do with official limited editions.

            This is not a BMW edition from Leica… BMW made a special order of a LOT of X1s.
            It’s a service from Leica… It’s how they’re making money… by selling cameras.

          • M!

            ok maiko, i m replying to you.
            X1 limited edition, or whoever stamp a logo and call it a limited edition, includes but not limited to:
            X1, “Jochen Rindt” , “Le Mans” , Japan “Black Embossed Ostrich Limited Edition”.

            So what is your point in replying my post when my response is to Xavier’s claim that other manufacturers put out just as much limited editions?

            Can you support his claim that nikon canon pentax olympus also put out, “Official” or “Non-offficial” limited editions just as many as Leica X1 ???

          • maiko

            You just don’t get it… google for “special order”, “mass customisation”, “merchandising”, “hard customisation” and “small lot production”.

          • M!!

            Maiko, i don’t think you get it.
            I am replying to Xavier’s post, asking him to explain to me how many limited editions other manufacturers put out.
            You came along and claim that these are not ‘limited editions’.

            SO, how many Official Leica X1 limited editions are there now?
            please enlight us. and, is that number greater than the number that Nikon or Canon for instance made for their camera in the past year?

          • M!!

            ” maiko
            Posted January 20, 2011 at 5:03 pm | Permalink
            You just don’t get it… google for “special order”, “mass customisation”, “merchandising”, “hard customisation” and “small lot production”.

            please explain “mass customisation” and “hard customisation”


          • Maiko

            No problem…

            ‘mass customisation’ describesthe posibility to run a mass production while beeing able to respond to individual requests. This can aply to a whole lot or a single item.
            ‘hard customisation’ is when the manufacturer is able to implement the requests in the normal production – ‘soft customisation’ when the product will be modified afterwards.

            Apparently Leica was clever enough to design a product and a production line which allows such or similar special customer requests.
            So we actually can collect for a LeicaRumors special edition (fake giraffe testicle leather), order it, LR will post it and we can argue about it here.

          • M!!

            @maiko, you still have not answered my question:

            “SO, how many Official Leica X1 limited editions are there now?
            please enlight us. and, is that number greater than the number that Nikon or Canon for instance made for their camera in the past year?”

          • Maiko

            Ask your priest about the enlightening part…

            But I havn’t seen a single limited edition of the X1 which has been official announced by Leica.

            Maybe there was one… I’m not sure but the above is a merchandising product by BMW not a le by Leica.

            No one would call it a limited edition if I order an iPod with a personal engraving.

    • Nobody Special

      I think one of the points is that for years, Leica has provided many of us with excellent optics.

      But now, after getting the M line up to speed with a FF sensor, the S line is totally stupid priced no matter how much one can afford, and the X1 is a bit of a disappointment though still useable. They totally screwed up with the 40 plus year old R line and consequently alienated most R users when they kept promising and never delivered on an R digital body of some type.

      So they set their foot in a trap of their own making, and the constant stream of collectables (more than I have ever seen) seems to illustrate, correctly or not, that they are a bit ‘off’ when it comes to product or market direction in a high-paced market…and just what it is they are trying to do.

  • Joe viewtiful

    Wow!!!! Another limited edition!!!! Why not come out wif world series???? Like leica Singapore lieca USA leica Brazil edition?? Or up abit … Universe edition????? Mars edition?!! Sun edition???? And special limited edition????? The black hole edition????

  • Some of the limited edition models are actually quite nice. But more importantly, they keep the company alive while attracting a new segment of clients. These are not for the serious photographers who buy and continue to buy Leica for quality. These limited edition models are not inferior products that dilute the brand. In this regard, the Panasonic-made compacts that carry the Leica logo are the products that do real harm to the brand. But Leica has to do they have to do to stay alive and produce the quality stuff for serious photographers. Otherwise nobody wins if they really close down.

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